Popular Adventures Places in CABO SAN LUCAS

Popular Adventures Places in CABO SAN LUCAS

4 August 2022

ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR THE BEST CABO SAN LUCAS ATTRACTIONS? Cabo San Lucas, one of the top beach towns in Mexico, is a popular and desirable holiday destination. Travelers to Cabo will undoubtedly want to be aware of all the top things to do in Cabo Mexico.

Everyone will find something to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas, from tours aboard opulent yachts to gorgeous beaches with clear oceans to one of the best golf courses in the world (Cabo del Sol by Jack Nicklaus) and every kind of outdoor activity imaginable, from mountain biking to sandboarding!

Are you prepared to learn about the top Cabo activities? Let’s start now! Don’t miss the Cabo San Lucas Travel FAQ at the conclusion of the post to help you plan the most amazing trip to Cabo after viewing all the unique things to do Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

To El Arco via kayak

highly advisable El Arco (the arch), a magnificent rock feature rising from the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean turns into the Sea of Cortez, is Cabo’s most recognisable landmark. The only method to approach the cove and get up close to El Arco is by kayak; larger boats cannot fit through the narrow passageway there. Kayaking is the greatest way to experience El Arco. The price of the tours, which continue for roughly 3.5 hours, includes transportation from the hotel, life jackets, snorkelling equipment, beverages, and snacks. Ages 7 and older swimmers are welcome here. Also highly suggested is the Cabo Half-Day Luxury Sailing Adventure with Snorkeling.

scuba dive in the Sea of Cortez

One of the richest marine habitats in the world is the Sea of Cortez, dubbed “The Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau. They include sea lions, sea turtles, colourful reef fish, and mobula rays, a form of manta ray that leaps out of the water, among thousands of other unusual species. Although temperatures can vary, the beautiful blue waters of this gulf are calm for most of the year; the warmest months for snorkelling are June through December. On their own, adventurers can go snorkelling while swimming off the coast of Santa Maria, at Chileno Bay, or when taking a day trip up to Cabo Pulmo. Try Cabo Trek for the best private excursion or Esperanza’s Excursions for a wonderful, reasonably priced tour for couples or smaller groups for guided tours.

Cook Baja-style food.

A fantastic way to engage with Baja culture is to take a practical cooking class. The majority of lessons start with a field trip to a nearby farm or market, where students can learn about local ingredients and how to choose them. In sessions that often run four to five hours, including time to enjoy your creations, authentic recipes for ceviche, salsas, moles, tamales, and more are taught in eateries or private kitchens. In Cabo San Lucas, Casa de Colores and Cookin’ Cabo provide home cooking classes that are suitable for families, while Huerta Los Tamarindos is located on a charming organic farm, is a little more expensive, and serves unbelievably good food.

Visit a desert oasis in Sierra de la Laguna.

The Sierra de la Laguna is a verdant sanctuary with waterfalls, chilly granite pools, natural waterslides, hot springs, and luscious green trees that stands in stark contrast to the deserts of Los Cabos. Travelers will unquestionably require a guide to locate the best sites in this beautiful UNESCO biosphere reserve. The greatest tour company for the Sierra de la Laguna is Baja Sierra Adventures. Owner Edgardo Cortes leads tourists on multi-sport excursions that include swimming, bicycling, and trekking to all of the region’s undiscovered marvels. Intimate eating at working ranches, interacting with the locals, and occasionally tortilla-making classes over an open fire are all included in day tours, overnight stays, and multi-day excursions. Tours can be easy or challenging depending on the group, making them ideal for families or couples. All year long, with the exception of August and September. To reach Santiago, the tour’s starting point, visitors will need to rent a car.

Incredible Cabo Bar Crawl

The best way to discover the hotspots in Cabo San Lucas, which is famed for its crazy nightlife, is on a bar crawl. Drink and rush through four or five bars in around three or four hours, completing tasks and solving puzzles as you go (though every tour can be quite different depending on your guide).

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