The Party Don’t Start Till You Walk In With These Looks

The Party Don’t Start Till You Walk In With These Looks

4 August 2022

Are you planning to have one of your weekends slated for a celebration? It’s time to get rid of your stowed lipsticks and palettes in the case of a party as we’re ditching our preference for subtlety and going for the dramatic this time. From dramatic streaks of red on the lips to a slick of cut-creases, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten makeup styles for the party season.

10 of the Best Party Makeup Looks


From Patani’s fiery-red style to Dua Lipa’s beautiful lilac-colored eyes, we’re offering you a selection of looks that are party-ready. Check them out.

Pangs Of Pink


If keeping it easy is your style look up Hadid’s appearance. See how pink flushes appear on her face, further enhancing her satin-skin shimmer. Apply the lightest shade of color on the apples of your cheeks, then finish it with a faint pink lip. Cover your eyes with a sweep of glitter-laden eyeshadow and draw a thin cat-eye across each lid, drawing attention to the most prominent points of your face: the temples and cheekbones, the nose, and the jawline. This is a easy look for a party to recreate.

Floating Funk


Hudgens draws two lines along her lidsright below her brow bone and then paired it with traditional cat-eye flicks. Both look like they’re mirroring one another. This is the simplest method to inject a hint of glamour to your appearance without needing a background in makeup, or excessive makeup products.


Brow Blitz



Make your eyebrows look as beautiful as Sydney is doing with her brows. All you need do is fill in your brows with rhinestones by using Tweezers and a tiny amount of glue for lashes. These sequins can be found at any art-supply shop. It is possible to keep your makeup easy.


An Play On Purple

Dua is sporting a purple hue on her lids and has paired it with more sexy flicks. The shade is a focal point for the eyes, depending on what you’re looking for. The look can be completed with a dark lipstick and then apply some blush on cheeks.


Red Rage


Create a similar look to Disha’s fiery-red style with sprinkles of red dust on the lips, cheeks, and lids Make it shiny as well. You can apply the foundation with the use of a flawless foundation. Do not forget to apply a primer to set your face before applying makeup and draw a tight line around your eyelashes to appear bigger and more luminous. Also, apply a pair of false lashes to your lashes to increase the size of your eyes a bit. Do not forget to take the compact powder with you everywhere you go as this style can cause you to look sweaty, however a few drops of the right powder will immediately improve the look.


Sunny Hues


Sometimes, just adding an ounce of the brightest of colors into the inner corners of the eyes is sufficient to tie your style together. Megan Fox has teased her eyes with a bright orange-yellow hue and it’s enough to give a hint of elegance to her appearance. The waterline should be teased with an eye kajal that is white too.


Bronzed Babe

The yearly Met Gala witnessed Stallion sporting the most bold look of her life -melting metal on the lids that was accentuated with jet-black eyeliner and a dark lipliner, which encases the lips in a smoky shade. the lips. Golds and bronzes are brought into play in this style and create a glamorous look in her make-up.


A Case for Confetti


If the eyes of Camila could talk We’re sure they’d be grooving to some tunes at the in the ATM. The singer’s lids are filled with colorful bright sequins like something from Coachella. All you need do is spray paint the lids pink and then attach the sequins using the lash-glue and tweezers — general light makeup for a your party.


Brown Bliss

As Sara If warm-toned makeup is your preference choose a darker shade of brown for your lips and match the look with lighter color on the lids. It is possible to apply a tiny amount of silver eyeshadow onto the inner corners of your eyes to mimic her the perfect makeup for a party by wearing lehenga.


Blue Blues


What do you think about the appearance of a cat-eye that is colored? This is a way that you can inject a spark of color to your overall appearance and maintain a sense of simple throughout your face.



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