28 July 2022

We believe that the most effective method to improve you makeup skills is knowing how to make the most of the items you already have, instead of spending money on new products. It turns out that concealer is one of those useful makeup tools! Whatever the texture or formula, concealers can be used , not just to hide imperfections but also for a variety of other uses. Want to know more about those? Find out how to apply concealer in five distinct ways.

01. To highlight the highlights

As well as concealing any imperfections it is also a great way to enhance the face. You’ll need two stick of concealer — one of which has two shade lighter than your skin tone and the other one that’s just one shade lighter than the skin toneto lighten your skin immediately. Put the thinner concealer to the most prominent areas of your face such as the bridge of your cheekbones, the nose, T-zone and the cupid’s Bow. After that, apply your darker shade to outline the other parts of your face such as the areas around your nose’s sides the jawline, forehead, and hairline. Make use of a buffing brush and blend the two to make your face appear more radiant and create a natural appearance.

02. As a pout plumper

Concealers can be used to give the appearance of more full lips. All you require is a liquid formula to match your skin tone and a small tip brush. Use a thin layer of the concealer on the lips prior to applying lipstick. After that, apply the matte lippie to add a rich shade and blend the line of concealer.

03. To serve as an eyeshadow primer

The concealer can be applied to provide a neutral colour to the bottom of your lids. It also helps fill the creases and fine lines on your lids and give the appearance of a more smooth finish. This is a great trick to use when temperatures are hot, and you’re required to create a matte foundation to stop the eyeshadows from sliding off the lids.

04. For defining the brow

The concealer can be used to draw out the brows, and make the arches of your brows slightly more noticeable. Start by filling your eyebrows with eyebrow pencils. Then, trace the edges of your eyebrow using a cream-based concealer. Blend inwards to create the look of a brow that is on-fleek.

05. For a moisturiser with tint

Make your own tinted moisturiser using an concealer. They’re better at smoothing the skin’s texture and provide greater coverage. Mix a few drops of concealer in your liquid moisturiser , and apply it using the help of a soft foundation brush to achieve an ethereal, natural look for your complexion.


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