People Who Have Made The Greatest Contribution To The Development Of Technology Over The Past Decade

People Who Have Made The Greatest Contribution To The Development Of Technology Over The Past Decade

27 July 2022

Every year we can see how technology develops. Thanks to incredible progress, people’s lives have changed forever. Dozens of years later, we can observe how has technology developed over time. In 2015, AlphaGo, from Google DeepMind, was introduced. 

Many experts did not believe in the success of such a program and claimed that it would be created around 2020. The success surpassed expectations. In 2016, the unbelievable happened – the program beat the pro Lee Sedol by a score of 4-1. 

About 20 years ago, people used to rewind cassettes with a pencil to listen to their favorite songs. Now we complain when we’re not satisfied with HD quality. Comparisons can be made in any field as technology has made incredible progress and development. A significant change can be seen in gambling and the perception of gambling.

Social Networks

A unique social network, Facebook, has emerged on the Internet. The network was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. You can find more here. When the social network became available, it immediately gave the impression that it had always existed. If we consider the statistics, then in 2020 there were about 5 billion users registered on the social network.

Due to the social networks, various advertisements can be actively used. All major social networks use the customer base to expand the content. In this way, messages go to those users who are clearly interested in a particular product. 

Targeted advertising has always had many advantages, unlike other methods:

Identifying the target audience Ensures an increase in sales
Delivery of information to potential customers Customers are confident in the reliability of cooperation
Large percentage of profit Determined by the quick search of the target audience


Due to Facebook, the ads reach the category that will be most interested in them. It takes into account the user’s requests and the mobile device from which you log into the social network.

For example, you have an online casino store. Gamblers visit your site, get acquainted with the rules and terms of use, and evaluate the pros and cons. The owner works to ensure that the advertising not only attracts the attention of new customers but also corresponds to the stated conditions. 

When the client is satisfied with the result, he will certainly share it with his friends. Then the advertising will work in a passive way. Previously, advertising was not so effective. Many people created profitable offers, but there was not enough quality and effective platform to place them. Now you can sign up for different online casinos through social networks.


Obviously, Pierre Omidyar, who launched the famous eBay project in 1995, without realizing it himself became the founder of the Marketplace. The site was a collection of unique items and collectors could buy them. Now the marketplace is a platform for sales on the Internet. With its help, buyers and sellers can quickly find each other and cooperate on favorable terms. 

Marketplaces are more convenient, unlike online stores. It is very easy to sell goods. You need to follow a few simple steps:

  • register on the selected site;
  • make a payment;
  • add a photo and description of the product/service;
  • wait for information from the buyer.

The advantage is that the site itself brings an audience who will be interested in a certain product. In 2020, it was possible to observe how has technology developed over the years. This was the year when commercial delivery began to develop the most. 

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and quarantine, many businesses were only working on delivery. Restaurants, and stores – all used non-contact delivery. 

The Emergence of Apple Products

After the first iPhones went on sale, communications and entertainment changed. The phones had great cameras, lots of memory, and great features. Since 2007, the development of iPhones has been carried out at an incredible pace. Now gamblers can play gambling games on the iPhone and iPad. Many online casinos have a mobile version. Games adapt to a screen of any size, so it is very convenient to play.

In 2008, users were able to appreciate the Apple Store and the first available applications. Since then, millions of programs have appeared. In this way, the company provided a large number of jobs. Apple products are very popular and almost every 3-4 people have them. In 2020, sales have significantly increased.

Popular online casinos offer mobile apps that can be installed for free on the iPhone. This is a great way to play games online. Previously, when smartphones first appeared, such a feature was not available. The appearance of the iPhone has greatly influenced the development of technology that is now available to us. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is great for storing information in an encrypted form. The advantage is that the blocks cannot be changed, deleted or faked. Everything written in the blockchain is securely stored. Developing such technology is a great solution when you need strong encryption. Blockchain guarantees protection against counterfeiting.

Cryptocurrencies are another discovery in technology and payment methods. Blockchain here is also relevant and necessary for electronic payments. Cryptocurrency is a reliable tool for payments and investments. Electronic currency is now available in any country. 

Many systems support cryptocurrency. For example, PayPal. Previously, except for cash or bank payment, there were no other methods available. Now cryptocurrency can be used to pay in different areas. 

Players often choose fair go casino no deposit bonus 2022. Online casinos that accept cryptocurrency are also popular. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible development that seemed impossible 10 years ago. Gamblers can deposit in Bitcoins and withdraw funds with any available cryptocurrency. There are special cryptocurrency online casinos for convenient use of such currency. 

Payment Systems

In today’s world, it’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, in most countries of the world, only cash was available. The first ATMs appeared in the late 90s. Initially, ATMs were only available in big cities and their number gradually increased. Now technology has come to the point where we can pay by phone and electronic money. 

E-money is in active use now, unlike Webmoney, Qiwi and other similar wallets. The presence of special NFC chips in smartphones makes it possible to replace ordinary plastic cards. The Face Pay system is no less popular. After recognizing the person’s face, the money is deducted from the card for certain services.

Modern online casinos also support different payment methods, among which can be found the following:

  • Visa/MasterCard;
  • PayPal;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Криптовалюта.

Gamblers choose reliable online casinos such as FairGo casino. It is safe and reliable to play here. The gaming platform supports different payment methods. Due to this, gambling is available to players from different countries. Players can appreciate the large selection of slots, table games and live casino section. New users can get a welcome bonus for registration and making the first deposit. 


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