Vertical Wall Gardens – Artificial or Natural One?

Vertical Wall Gardens – Artificial or Natural One?

Prakriti Ahuja
26 July 2022


Vertical gardens on the walls are a growing trend that makes for the ideal decor element seen in almost every modern structure. People are starting to discover there are a vast array of reasons to select vertical gardens whether artificial or natural as homeowners and interior designers continue to use them in various ways. There is no single standard for the type of optimal vertical garden, which means that both artificial and natural solutions are excellent choices. We must remember, however, that each place has unique qualities that must be taken into account in order to make the optimal choice. We recognize that deciding between these two vertical garden types can be challenging. We’ll try to simplify your effort by highlighting the contrasts between the artificial and the natural versions.


The expense of maintaining various types of gardens optimally varies greatly. Watering, composting, pruning, and changing plants when they become unhealthy are just a few of the continual and time-consuming tasks that living vertical gardens require, in addition to the cost of water and the requirement to purchase harmful chemicals and pesticides. Wherein an artificial vertical wall doesn’t need watering, fertilizer, or pest control, among other things. Additionally, since perennial plants keep their shape throughout their life, you won’t need to bother about cutting them as they grew. Artificial green walls only need to be dusted occasionally.


A drainage and irrigation system are also necessary for the building of a natural green wall. You need to hire an expert to assist you with its installation because it is complicated. Artificial vertical gardens have the benefit of being self-installable, simple to set up, and mobile. By simply cutting the rear mesh to the required size, they may be mounted on any surface and customized to the required shape. Additionally, you may always extend your green wall if you so choose.

Visually Appealing:

The two forms of vertical gardens have a number of characteristics. Both kinds of gardens will readily improve any room in which they are put and be aesthetically gorgeous thanks to their lovely green color. In high-traffic locations like an office or the main house, vertical gardens—both artificial and natural—can be used to increase privacy and even absorb sound. Regardless of the season, the Artificial Vertical Garden has the benefit of constantly being kept in amazing condition.

Place it anywhere:

Vertical gardens can be placed inside or outside, artificial or natural. They both have the benefit of saving a lot of room when decorating a location with limited available space, such as a location where it would be hard to create a traditional garden. You must exercise caution while using Natural Vertical Walls because they may cause issues with the wall in which they are built, such as cracks brought on by tree roots and humidity brought on by moisture retention. Artificial green walls are also great for places with poor lighting where genuine plants would struggle to survive. Artificial green walls are a great option for areas of your house that need greenery but are not ideal for live plants.

Vertical Garden Cost:

Given that cost is one of the key considerations when deciding between different types of vertical gardens, this is one of the vital questions. Artificial vertical gardens typically require less of an investment. Additionally, they won’t incur any additional expenses. In the natural ones, the cost varies according to the desired species and leafiness. Since a water intake, irrigation system, drainage system, and pesticides and fertilizers are all required for proper maintenance, the installation will also have a significant impact.

Conclusion: The deciding factors are the cost, installation, plant type, leafiness, maintenance costs, etc. In light of everything, the choices with the best value. Additionally, functions admirably both indoors and outdoors, providing the chance to create a natural setting of outstanding visual beauty, whether it be at home, at offices or restaurants, or as decoration at any event. You may spend more time enjoying your vertical garden and less time caring for it because artificial green walls require very little upkeep. The artificial vertical garden is the ideal way to have a lovely green wall without upkeep if you don’t have the time or the skills to take care of plants.

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