Vue State — Migrate From Vuex Store to Pinia

Vue State — Migrate From Vuex Store to Pinia

14 July 2022


Recently, we migrated our canopas website from Vuex to Pinia. I feel it’s super easy.

It is quite similar to Vuex but with less code. It has reduced lots of coding and extra computations of mutations and getters.

Pinia can work with Vuex easily. So if you have a large application then don’t worry. You can replace the store with Pinia module-wise, and eventually, you can have Pinia store in the whole application.

Today’s article consists of 4 sections.

  1. Directory structure
  2. Define and Use Pinia Store
  3. Understanding Pinia architecture
  4. Example code of migration from Vuex to Pinia

Feel free to jump to any section you are interested in.

You can read more about it here to learn how to Migrate From Vuex Store to Pinia.

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