Procedure To Get The Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Procedure To Get The Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

9 July 2022

Medical cannabis in Missouri was legalized in November 2018. As is the case usually, it took some time for the government to put everything into place. The state’s health department started accepting applications in July 2019, but medical marijuana sales did not begin until October 2020. In this writing, you will learn the steps to get a Missouri medical marijuana card. Keep reading.

Why You Need Medical Cannabis Card?

It is critical to note that medical cannabis sales only started in October 2020. This is because the state decriminalized the use of medical cannabis in May 2014 through bill 491. But the law did not start working until January 2017. It ensures you are not facing jail for possessing less than ten grams of cannabis.

But this is still a misdemeanor, and you can face up to $1500. Also, a second offense can lead to a prison term of up to one year if you are caught with a felony charge and could spend up to seven years in jail. Selling any amount of cannabis without a license is also an offense, and you can be incarcerated to a four years jail term. Also, growing cannabis without a medical cannabis card is illegal, and you will be punished for increasing any amount of marijuana.

How to Get Medical Marijuana?

The health department has worked hard to ensure the program is workable. Medical cannabis sales finally started in October 2020, and you can apply online. To apply for this program, you need one of the following forms of identification;

  • A legal Missouri driver’s license
  • A Missouri ID
  • A Current Missouri motor vehicle registration
  • Current Missouri Utility Bill

Before we add anything, you must note that you should be 18 years old to apply for this program. You also must have a medical cannabis qualifying ailment. Minors with qualifying diseases can also be eligible with the help of a parent or a legal guardian. You can apply for a Missouri medical marijuana card using the following simple steps.

Complete the Physician Certification Form

When cannabis is legalized in a particular state, it takes the program some time to get off the ground. But Missouri has clearly stated the steps you need to take and has done its best to get things moving first.

You first need to schedule a consultation session with a cannabis doctor. During this process, the physician will check on your medical records and ask you a few questions. The aim is to ensure you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Register Online

Now you can register online for a medical cannabis program. The next step will include choosing the patient or caregiver application. Then click yes to give permission, and you will be on the registry. You must note that the health department will only accept completed applications sent through the registry.

Complete the Application

The last step is typically completing the application. About 30 days after your recommendation, you will be required to log in to the registry portal and click create an application and the new patient registry. The department of health benefits will complete the application in 30 days.

Final Thought

Missouri medical marijuana card was made legal in November 2018. However, it almost took two years for the state to start its sales. But the state is now making up for the lost time since new dispensaries are opening weekly. There is a possibility that this state will legalize the use of recreational cannabis also. But until that happens, applying for a medical cannabis card would be best.


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