6 July 2022

Stickers have played a significant role in advertising, brand building, and awareness for decades. When created in high quality, these stickers are more valuable than other promotional items such as business cards, leaflets, and pamphlets. Therefore, when using this promotional material, it is best to pay attention to its quality. One way is to test your design with a sticker mockup properly.

Stickers come in various shapes and sizes, but rest assured that you won’t miss the mark. This collection contains a variety of sticker models to help you with your approvals, recommendations, and support for your organization or campaign. This list consists of free sticker mockups and premium mockups. If you need more additional customization options, you can choose from premium mockups.

Everyone loves applying stickers to change the look from the locker room to the panniers. Over time, these stickers will become coarser and tear into different shapes. If you plan to design stickers of different shapes, get today’s free sticker mockups, including stickers with square, circular, triangular, and rectangular strap shapes. This sticker mockup in various forms is available for commercial and personal use. The torn and glued effect makes this sticker mockup look more realistic. Drag and drop your design onto your bright object to personalize this free PSD mockup.

Get free sticker mockups of different shapes!

Round sticker mockups

Round sticker mockup PSD is set with several different peelable and lined configurations. Place the artwork on the bright object to get realistic results. The background color can be changed. You can also change the color of the shadow and make it look more attractive. These are the perfect sticker mockup for sharing logos and artwork for business, social, political movements, holidays, and more. Smart-object layers allow you to view your design from multiple angles. The best sticker mockups can be affixed to bottles, jars, takeaway boxes, packages, and more. Roll labels are easy to identify a product by simply sticking a sticker on the item. These little circle labels are smart-object compatible, and you can change the background of all mockup files. Stickers are perfect for exposing new brands, special occasions, events, etc. Face it; anyone can put stickers almost anywhere. And if that means a yellow post in the parking lot, that’s right. A mockup of this sticker will perform the trick to see what it looks like. With a simple editing process, you can use the upload feature to change the color of the round sticker or add a design. In addition, anyone can attach a text overlay if they want to share something special, such as a message.

Square sticker mockups

Square stickers are cheaper than printing directly on an item because they are intended to make your brand stand out. This is a great way to brand and item you plan to sell or use for a solid color background. If you are looking for a way to get special attention, square stickers are the best way to get the attention of potential customers. Some people strategically place stickers in phone booths where you can see brands and logos with phone numbers. And one way to get the attention of potential customers is to lock them in almost everywhere, including phone booths. This square sticker mockup can be entirely yours in any design you want. Remember, uploading plans and choosing different sticker colors can easily find all possibilities. And you don’t have to be a design expert to get things in the right direction. In short, Placeit is aimed at everyone, regardless of skill level. Others, such as organizations and groups, want to use square stickers for meetings, events, or meetings. You can use the same sticker for mobile phones and laptop top covers as a car bumper sticker. If you’re lucky enough to get some business owners involved in the cause, the square sticker on the front door will look great. These stickers are offered in various square sizes to help with the desired surface area.

Triangular sticker mockups:

Imagine a bright yellow box with cool images and text meant to serve individual slices of pizza, but you can promote anything by adding a great design. Place your design on a new triangle box model and present it in a cool and unusual way. These shapes bring out a trendy look and make the brand remarkable because of its uniqueness.

Rectangular strap sticker mockups:

A mockup of rectangular stickers introduces your brand design with a photo-realistic look. It Includes unique layers and smart objects for artwork. The rectangular design of the sticker allows the viewer to focus on the lyrics, making it easy to include citations, typographic graphics, book titles, and even lyrics.

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