The significance of the Radio Frequency Ablation Devices

The significance of the Radio Frequency Ablation Devices

6 July 2022

Targeted tissue destruction is accomplished using heat energy by radiofrequency ablation (RFA). RFA has been used frequently to treat dysplastic Barrett’s oesophagus (BE), which is a condition that affects the GI system. RFA symptoms in the GI tract are still changing. The Radio Frequency Ablation Devices Market is poised to expedite up to USD 10.73 Billion in 2030 from USD 3.53 billion in 2020, with a CAGR of 11.73%.
Technological review
To apply heat energy to tissue, RFA devices connect a bipolar electrode array to an electrosurgical generator. In the radiofrequency spectrum ranging from 450 to 500 kHz, electricity passes through the tissue between alternately positive and negative poles along with the electrode arrays of the RFA device. This current causes the tissue in direct contact with the radiofrequency (RF) electrode to produce thermal energy, which causes the tissue to coagulate and die. A constant depth of ablation can be achieved thanks to the RFA device’s electrode spacing and shape as well as the pre-set parameters (energy, power) in the RFA generator. For instance, the dosimetry is intended to produce an ablation depth to the muscularis mucosae (700-800 m deep) in the treatment of mucosal pathologic diseases.
Medical RF Ablation Device
Modern Radiofrequency Ablation Systems are produced by RF Medical Co Ltd. With distinct algorithms for soft tissue ablation in many tissue types, including liver, kidney, lung, thyroid, bone, myomas, and many more, RF Medical’s generators are the only multi-purpose ablation generators in the world. All generators include an easy-to-use touch screen interface that can be readily modified and adapted to the user’s needs.
Additionally, RF Medical produces the broadest range of radiofrequency ablation products available today, with individual electrodes especially created for each application and tissue type.
The RF-based Medical Generators
The most sophisticated Radiofrequency Ablation System currently on the market is the M-3004 generator. It permits the simultaneous use of one, two, or three electrodes in monopolar, bipolar, or multipolar (mixed) form to enable the largest and most precise ablations. It has all the tissue-specific algorithms available at the press of a button. The M-3004 can conduct a variety of procedures, including RF-assisted liver resection, ENT, myoma ablation, endometrial ablation, renal ablation, lung ablation, thyroid ablation, bone ablation (with a specialised algorithm and electrode for vertebral metastases), and more.
Varicose vein ablation, myoma ablation, endometrial ablation, thyroid ablation, bone ablation, and ENT ablation are all possible using the sophisticated Radiofrequency Ablation device known as the V-1000 generator.
The implementation of the RFA techniques inside the oesophagus
The ablation of the circumference 
To determine the amount of the aberrant mucosa that will be treated with RFA, upper endoscopy is used. To help with mucus clearance, mucosal irrigation with 1 per cent N-acetylcysteine may be carried out. The endoscope is removed over a guidewire that has been inserted into the stomach’s antrum and is between 0.035 and 0.038 inches in diameter. The Barry 360 Express RFA balloon catheter is then inserted over the guidewire until it is approximately halfway between the measured proximal aspect of the mucosal pathologic area and the external distance mark on the catheter. To see the proximal end of the balloon, the endoscope is inserted into the oesophagus alongside the catheter. The targeted mucosa is overlapped by the proximal extent of the electrode when the ablation balloon is positioned in this way.

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