Is It Possible To Be Successful In The 11 Plus Exam Without A Tutor?

Is It Possible To Be Successful In The 11 Plus Exam Without A Tutor?

5 July 2022

Some people encourage you to get an 11 Plus exam tutor, while others insist that you can do it independently. Thankfully, the answer is no; you need a tutor, as it’s unlikely to succeed without one. 

The 11 Plus is a vital stage in the UK’s education system, with the exam determining whether or not a child goes to a grammar school or a secondary school. Is it possible to pass your 11 Plus without an 11 Plus exam tutor? How to pass the 11 Plus exam? You may benefit from the Internet with some helpful websites and self-help publications. The best method to prepare, though, is to take excellent practice exams.

Many parents should think about 11 Plus Tuition High Wycombe, London, and other regions for their child since it offers online courses targeted to your child’s 11 Plus demands. They will show you exactly everything you need to learn to pass the test. This blog will look at different aspects of the 11 Plus exam and explore whether or not an 11 Plus exam tutor is a good idea.

How To Pass The 11 Plus Exam Without An 11 Plus Exam Tutor?

How to Pass the 11 Plus Examination? That is the tough decision confronting every parent with a 9 or 10-year-old child preparing for the 11 Plus Entrance Exam. Because the 11 Plus Exam is an aptitude exam, you should never be able to coach your children to success.  

However, although this may be true in certain situations, 11 Plus instruction does make a significant difference for children taking the entrance exam. With some advice and tutoring, you can dramatically boost your child’s potential to pass the 11 Plus Exam. Still, it takes discipline, work, and time.

Tips For Parents To Become 11 Plus Exam Tutor Of Their Child

The desire to get your children to pass the 11 Plus test might be tremendous if you reside in one of the UK’s grammar school districts. And this often entails paying for a full year of costly coaching. As more grammar schools utilise “tutor-proof” exams, many parents want to help their children prepare for the test and become 11 Plus exam tutors themselves.

  • Made Daily Effort

Take your children on a school tour with you. They’ll work harder if they have a clear goal in mind. For most state 11 plus examinations, you can instruct your children yourself if you have a sufficient quality of Mathematics and English.

‘Begin at a level that is just a little bit over your child’s present skill level. Start with the essential books and papers to identify what needs improvement.

‘From the start of Year 5, I’d advocate completing a little work – just 5 to 10 minutes – each day, rather than more giant blocks less often. Nevertheless, it is one of those things that, like music practice, improves with frequency.

Some institutions offer other admissions methods, such as music, athletics, or technology assessments. Hence, it’s worth attempting these as well.’

  • Focus On The Fundamentals

If you want your children to get a head start in life, teach them their timetables while they are small.

‘Vocabulary established via reading will always offer children an edge, so promote reading extensively and loudly.

‘If feasible, hook your children up with a study buddy: two minds are better than just one, and they assist each other out by pitching in once they get stuck. It’s excellent for them both.’

  • Learn About The Exam’s Focus

‘Check out what exactly the 11 Plus exam tutor includes in your location. The test for girls’ and mixed grammar schools heavily weighs literacy, language, and problem-solving; therefore, reading and reading are essential.

‘The boys’ grammar, meanwhile, is more arithmetic orientated.

‘It’s crucial that you give your children a strong background in all the fundamentals, know what the test focuses on, and emphasise those areas.

‘I also feel it’s worth investing in a professionally given mock test when foreigners are conducting the exam, and thousands of students are taking it simultaneously.

  • Examine Papers Carefully

Before choosing to tutor, take the time to understand the courses offered and where your children may need further assistance. Examine previous 11 plus exam questions and answers to areas where you believe your knowledge is inadequate or may require a fast refresh.

  • Consult With Your Child’s Teacher

Your child’s lecturer will be able to identify the areas wherever your child needs further assistance, enabling you to better plan your tutoring time.

  • Read Daily

Vocabulary and understanding are essential components of every 11 Plus test, and it may be a fun way to study. It is never too early to begin reading fiction and nonfiction books to your child to help them learn new vocabulary.


All parents want their children to be the best at everything they do, but it can be very challenging with the 11 Plus exam. The 11 Plus exam is the entrance exam used by many private schools in the UK. If your child scores high enough on the exam, they can be eligible for a scholarship at the school. 

Thousands of children every year take this exam, and it can be a very stressful experience. Many parents worry that they will not be able to help their child prepare for the exam, but it is possible to do well without an 11 Plus exam tutor

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