Important Strategies Coverage in Human Microbiome During Therapy

Important Strategies Coverage in Human Microbiome During Therapy

5 July 2022

The importance of human microbiomes in dysbiosis, prevalent illnesses, and innovative therapeutic strategies

The term “human microbiome” refers to the collection of all microorganisms found on or in human tissues and bodily fluids, as well as the corresponding anatomical locations where they are found, such as the skin, mammary glands, seminal fluid, uterus, ovarian follicles, lung, saliva, oral mucosa, conjunctiva, and biliary tract. With a CAGR of 31.08 per cent, the Human Microbiome Market is anticipated to increase from USD 88.06 million in 2020 to USD 1318.72 million in 2030.


Fundamental Objective of The Human Microbiome

Numerous commensal (non-pathogenic) and pathogenic microbial species that have co-evolved with the human genome, adaptive immune system, and nutrition dwell in the human body. We began our investigation into the roles of bacterial genes and their relation to human health thanks to recent developments in DNA-based technologies. The fundamental objective of the human microbiome project is to identify the quantity, variety, and functionality of all genes found in bacteria that are constantly present in various parts of the human body. While the human genome only expresses 20,000 genes, the gut microbiota expresses about 3.3 million bacterial genesThrough the control of food digestion and the maturation of the immune system, microbe gene products perform crucial roles.


360-Degree Outlook of Human Microbiomes

Studies are confirming that the manipulation of the non-pathogenic bacterial strains in the host may help to stimulate the recovery time of the immune response to the pathogenic bacteria causing diseases. A variety of approaches, along with the proper usage of nutraceuticals (prebiotics & probiotics), including the phages engineered with CRISPR/Cas systems & quorum sensing systems, have been adequately developed as the new therapies for controlling the process of dysbiosis (alterations in the microbial community) & common diseases (for example diabetes & obesity). The designing & production of the various pharmaceuticals based on our own body’s microbiome is known as an uprising field & is rapidly growing to be fully explored in due course of time. This review provides a 360-degree outlook on the recent findings on human microbiomes, & their impact on health and diseases, & on the development of the targeted therapies.


Demonstration of Human Microbiomes

Body’s microbiome The HMPs have demonstrated that the human gut has one of the richest and most complex ecosystems, one that is home to more than 100 trillion bacteria. The gram-negative Bacteroidetes and the gram-positive Firmicutes make up the majority of the gut bacteria in adults. Actinobacteria, Fusobacteria, and Verrucomicrobia are the other phyla that are present at subdominant levels, but this varies greatly across people. For instance, Bacteroides and Prevotella species, which account for 80% of all Bacteroidetes in faecal samples, are the most prevalent genera from the Bacteroidetes phylum. However, many of the taxa that are quantitatively underrepresented and less numerous than other bacterial species perform essential tasks in a specific region of the gut. Enterotype clusters are a concept that allows the classification of each individual based on the relative abundance of specific bacterial taxa in faecal samples, as well as their microbial metabolic and functional pathways, in order to better define these different microbial colonisations and microbiota structures in different cohorts.



Recent developments in microbiome sequencing programmes have shown how intricate the microbial communities are throughout the human body. They have verified the key roles played by the human-microbiota ecosystems in processes that either promote or worsen health. These investigations have brought to light the unexpected and extensive effects of removing particular microorganisms from human bodies.


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