5 Most Common Types Of Ailments That Are Treated By The Urgent Care

5 Most Common Types Of Ailments That Are Treated By The Urgent Care

5 July 2022

There are several ailments treated at an urgent care clinic. Most of us end up at an urgent care clinic for most reasons. The many reasons why people visit urgent care clinics make us wonder what the most common types of urgent care ailments are. It is mostly not serious as it sounds. The ailments include cold, flu, infections, nasal energy symptoms, and tonsils. With most of these ailments, you will not require admission since you can go home. In this article, you will learn the top five most common types of urgent care ailments.

1. Minor Burns and Injuries

Urgent care clinics offer medical treatments for non-life-threatening ailments that require a medical response. Typically, urgent care clinics treat minor injuries, fractures, and cuts. Suppose you are suffering from severe burns. The best treatment option would be going to an emergency room and getting the treatment you require. The doctor will treat the burnt site and use an antibiotic cream to help stop the infection.

2. Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains might seem similar, but they have a slight difference. Urgent care clinics will help in treating these symptoms. The health professionals at these clinics are highly skilled and licensed to handle the testing and treatment of sprains and strains effectively.

3. Pediatric Care

Children aged two years and above are mostly affected by injuries and other common ailments. Pediatricians are health professionals who specialize in treating children. If you have a medical requirement involving kids, make sure to visit an urgent care clinic. Other than kids, you can have any member of your family treated at an urgent care clinic. The staff at these clinics are equipped with knowledge and experience with kids. You can count on these doctors to offer you effective and gentle health care.

4. Fever or Flu

You can get a cold or a cough from a running nose, sore throat, or congestion. Getting the difference between a cold and flu tends to be difficult most of the time. But with time, flu symptoms become severe. To easily get the difference between the two, you will be required to check the temperature difference. If you have a high fever, you suffer from the flu and not a cold. If you have a cough, continuous fever, headaches, and discomforts, you should seek help from an urgent care clinic.

5. School Physicals of Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions

Every child these days must get a physical before participating in any school activity. This will help decide if they are fit to do so. The urgent care doctor will evaluate your overall health to determine if you are mentally or physically fit to participate in any activity like joining a sports team in your school. If the child suffers from any ailment, they will undergo several tests to get early treatment. Once they recover, they will allow joining the team.


Above are among the many types of urgent care conditions. Visiting an urgent care clinic is critical because they are time-sensitive if you compare them to emergency rooms. You will only need to seek help from urgent care in case of an emergency. You can also seek medical help from an urgent care clinic if your primary care doctor is not around and your health situation cannot wait. Access to urgent care without health insurance is possible. The rates are affordable as well.

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