Top Benefits To Visit Urgent Care in North Hills

Top Benefits To Visit Urgent Care in North Hills

1 July 2022

Are you looking for the top benefits of an urgent care clinic in North Hills? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the clinic’s benefits. North Hills urgent care clinic can be your primary care family clinic. After scheduling a consultation session with the clinic, you must walk into the clinic and get your treatment. The urgent care clinic in North Hills is open daily, and we are always focused on offering you convenience. Do not worry about the rates because they are affordable if you do not have insurance.

If you seek the best urgent care in North Hills, you are at the right place. The clinic was made to cater to the requirements of all patients regardless of what they suffer from. When treating patients at North Hills clinic, the doctor does it in a caring and understanding manner. You will feel loved, and your overall experience will be memorable. Keep reading this article to learn more about the benefits of urgent care in North Hills.

Benefits of Urgent Care Clinic in North Hills Clinic

North Hills urgent care clinic offers various services for different medical conditions.

  • The services are full-time, and you do not need to wait long to get treated, unlike in the emergency room.
  • Any injury is treated in this walk-in facility. We provide high-quality health care services.
  • The experts have all the experience to treat about 80% of ailments treated in the emergency room.
  • Our on-site labs, x-ray, and pharmacies at this clinic ensure that patients receive all the attention they need before walking out.
  • The area residents can also benefit from our clinic’s medical services. These services are free prenatal care, free STD testing, and free pregnancy tests.
  • Virtual care is another advantage of coming to our clinic. With this type of service, you will not be required to go to the facility for treatment physically to get medical care.
  • After testing for COVID-19, the health provider will email or text you the outcome.
  • The patients will receive payment options, including cash and health insurance covers.

North Hills Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Services

The urgent care North Hills clinic offers patients quick health and medical care services. The services offered by this clinic include diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of chronic and acute injuries. Managing this clinic also needs a huge and broad knowledge. The close communication between the health care provider and urgent care physician enables this clinic to offer the best and excellent health care and medical care for patients. 

The aim of setting up an urgent care clinic in North Hills is not to replace the primary health care physician. It is here to offer timely and convenient patient care when the primary care provider is on holiday and cannot come for services.

Primary Care Services

Primary care at North Hills is provided by a team of health care providers who serve various needs. They offer patients a wide variety of services that are usually conducted professionally and cost-effectively. The type of healthcare provided is personalized, team-oriented, and community-based to help you get high-quality, sustainable, and affordable medical requirements. The primary care at North Hills clinic is managed and done by a doctor who works with other health experts, and when needed, they consult a specialist.

Pap Smear Testing

Pap smears are always crucial because they allow the doctor to screen for cervical cancer, a deadly disease. The test is reproductive system care meant for preventive purposes. These tests work by detecting abnormal cervical cells from your cervix. A gynecologist collects the sample cells. During these tests, the doctor will also screen for human papillomavirus. 

HPV is typically the leading cause when it comes to causes of cervical cancer. The tests can be unclear, or abnormal pap smear panorama results might indicate cervical cancer, an infection, or another health issue. 

The North Hills pap smear test is critical since it makes it easier for doctors to find unclear cells in the cervix that can be cancerous in the future. The test should be conducted alongside human papillomavirus since they help detect HPV, which is the main cause of cervical cancer.

Antibody Testing

North Hills clinic also offers antibody testing services. It is now complex to tell the difference in tests related to covid. Taking antibody tests at urgent care in North Hills will help the doctors know if you have the virus previously and now have developed antibodies. The tests are separate from those used to determine if you have coronavirus.

It is possible to conduct these tests alone at home. The test kit is always brought to you using the post. You will then need to read it and understand the instructions carefully. The device has a lancet which you will use to prick your finger and squeeze the blood into the tube. Suppose you are not self-isolated. You can request someone to perform the tests on your behalf. After that, you can send the test kit through the postbox.

Blood samples will be brought to the lab for testing to help determine if you have antibodies against the virus. The tests are referred to as serology and the best time to conduct the tests is when you have fully recovered from covid. The doctor will start by collecting the blood samples using a syringe or pricking your finger.

Final Thought

The urgent care clinic in North Hills provides the above benefits. At the clinic, we have knowledgeable doctors who know exactly what they are doing. Our services are convenient, and you get the best and most high-quality healthcare services by visiting us. The services at this clinic cover a wide spectrum of urgent care, including sports, medicine, and family. Besides offering minor injuries and diseases, you also get to be provided pap smear tests and many other routine services.


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