28 June 2022

Lipsticks with matte liquids have become the latest beauty obsession, and we’re far from the only people in love with this latest stylish version of that iconic bullet-shaped lipstick!

Liquid matte lipsticks are trendy and fun. They are everywhere (everyone knows is wearing these lipsticks) And the most amazing thing is that they don’t budge! They last for a long time and are ideal for those who wish to have the perfect pout all day long without any conditions. But the liquid matte lipsticks have their own rules and regulations.

To get the most out of the gorgeous matte look on your lips There are a few points you need to be aware of…

Prepare well

Matte finish liquid lip colors last for a long time and are can be a bit drying on your lips. That’s why you need to select a matte liquid lipstick with an easy formula that doesn’t weigh down your lips. The Lakme Absolute Matte Liquid Lip Color, which we think is the perfect choice. Make sure to prep your lips prior to applying. Use Vaseline Petroleum jelly onto your lips, and allow it to soak in while you apply your makeup. This will help reduce dryness on your lips.

A single coat of paint is all you require

Liquid matte lipsticks such as Lakme’s Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color come with vibrant colour payoff and velvet matte finishes that make it an easy application. The excess liquid lipstick could result in a smudge and look rough. It is best to choose a product with the applicator, and then apply the lipstick gently and that’s all you need to do. Start with the lower lip and end the application at the bow of the Cupid.

Don’t rub your lips

Once you’ve placed the lip gloss on your lips, let the matte finish work its magic. Rub your lips together as you would with creamy or glossy textures is not recommended for matte lipsticks. If you attempt to apply your lips to each other when you apply liquid mattes it will appear dry and patchy. Apply it to the bottom lip initially, then apply it to your upper lip, and then let it dry.

No touch ups, and no!

Long-lasting liquid matte lipsticks and do not require refills. Simply apply the lipstick and let it work its magically. Do not try to make it double quote or you’ll end up tearing it, making it appear dry and uneven.

You’ll need a great remover for your makeup, but

Since liquid lipsticks last a long time they also dry, which makes them difficult to remove. Therefore, before you even think about wearing matte lip glosses make sure you keep a quality makeup remover at hand in your makeup kit. It’s the Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Hydrating Aloe Vera We believe it is gentle on the skin and is able to remove makeup with no residue left in its wake.

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