What Is A Shipping Label? A Guide For E-commerce

What Is A Shipping Label? A Guide For E-commerce

31 May 2022

The shipping labels form an integral element of logistics for e-commerce, however, more complicated than they appear. Whatever the size of your online store, if have the wrong shipping label the process can become expensive, inefficient, and can even hinder shipping of parcels.

It doesn’t matter if you’re beginning to ship your first product. Also need more tips on how to accomplish this or if you’ve sending packages for some time. Furthermore need help with shipping labels. Our guidance on shipping labels won’t leave any piece of ground unturned.

What Is A Shipping Label?

Shipping labels contain the essential information needed by a transporter to deliver a parcel from the point of origin (your storage facility) to the final destination (the customers hands). The essential information comprises the following: postal code the country, the tracking number, the country and date. The package’s quantity also included and weight of the package, the address, validation and the ship’s street, city, or states (area). Shipping labels may also indicate the contents, especially if they’re intended for international shipments.

Labels can also contain information related to the shipping method (e.g. Express, Standard, etc.) for the transporter to ensure that the service was arranged for was provided. Every label is distinctive, also it is not possible to reuse labels from the past. A new label needs to design for each delivery.

How Do Shipping Labels Work?

The shipping label contains the information needed to direct packages to the right destinations, monitor them through every step, and make sure the proper service provided. Each shipping company has its own template for their shipping label. Also they’re made for reading by humans and machines, which is why they should be easy and clear to comprehend. Each transporter designed their labels to match their specific procedure of sorting and delivering therefore it’s essential to follow their template.

On the label of a shipping container there are numbers, barcodes and letters. They all are crucial in the shipping process. Each section contains information for certain parts in the chain.

Where To Put Shipping Labels On The Box?

A shipping label usually put on the biggest side of the box, usually at the top. This is crucial when there’s an “This way up” tag on the packaging. The label must be the proper size to fit perfectly on the side on which it’s located. Make sure it’s not bent over any edges, crucial information may not be visible or scannable.

In certain situations, customers prefer covering their labels with transparent tape to shield it. Also, it is possible to make use of plastic wallets and connect them to the package to avoid any harm, specifically from water. This is typically employed for international shipping and the documents that come with customs. No matter what you choose, make sure that the entire label is clearly displayed and clearly visible. Humans and scanners must be able to read the barcode correctly.

  • The address and name of the person who is sending it.
  • The address and name of the recipient
  • an identifier read by an automated device
  • The Routing Code – informs how to move the package through the sorting section
  • Postal Barcode The Postal Barcode is it is the postal code that corresponds to the address
  • Tracking Number – this is the number provide to the buyer to keep track of their package
  • The level of service – the service method offered by the company (e.g. Express, Standard, etc.)

The majority of the information automatically generated by the transporter. The most important information you also require is:

  • The name of the sender and address
  • The name of the recipient and his address
  • Also method of service


Check that your labels are secure and have no edges sticking out, and there are no bumps that might damage the shipping label, making it difficult to read.


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