This Is Why Having An IDEX Dual Extrusion 3D Printer Will Make You Millions

This Is Why Having An IDEX Dual Extrusion 3D Printer Will Make You Millions

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24 January 2023

A dual extrusion 3D printer is very crucial to any business regardless of the size. Whether big or small manufacturers, dual extrusion 3D printers can be a game changer and the solution you have been looking for to propel your business to more income and sales while cutting on expenses. By using two extruders, you immediately double your productivity. You will be able to use different filament materials and different colors in your everyday creation. This is how you become a unique creator. You can get the best 3D printers for sale with dual extrusion from Snapmaker. Visit today. I hope this piece will help you understand how this technology works and what it could accomplish for you.

IDEX Technology

Have you ever heard of IDEX technology? It is a short form for Independ Dual Extruders. It is a technology that allows two print heads or modules to move independently from each other. Each one of the modules has its nozzle and can print with the same or different filament material than the other module.

IDEX allows users to print more complex pieces by using soluble supports and combining them to obtain different mechanical properties in one single print. IDEX technology also enables two different to be used simultaneously. Different nozzle sizes can also be combined for more resistant parts which help save time. Additionally, since the two extruders are controlled independently, you never run the risk of cross-contamination.

The technology also cuts the cost of machinery in half. At the same time, one can obtain twice as many printed parts as you would in comparison to other dual extrusion machines. Snapmaker has manufactured a 3D printer with IDEX technology. They have also come up with a dual extrusion 3D printing module that does not have IDEX technology.

  • Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

This printer features independent dual extruder (IDEX) technology, ultra-fast print speed, and smoothing optimization. This product has everything you need to begin your maker journey. As they say, it is a full package.

The 3D printer offers breakaway and dissolvable supports. It can print in parallel using both extruders. It offers advanced materials printing as well as intelligent calibration. It has ultra-fast printing and offers one-piece die casting.

J1 brings you a top-of-a-class printing speed of 350mm/s. This speed is not achieved by compromising print quality. Print quality remains to be one of the best in the market. High-quality prints are achieved despite the high printing speed because of the vibration compensation technology. Optimization of this technology enables the reduction of vibrations caused by high-speed movements. Hence, ringing is also minimized, which further adds to the enhancement of print quality. The maximum acceleration is 10,000 millimeters per second squared, enabling small details on the prints to be noted.

The extruders also switch seamlessly. When one extruder is printing, the other one preheats and gets ready to start printing immediately the other one stops. This significantly reduces the time involved in printing.

The J1 3D printer also prevents issues such as corner bulging. How does it do this? The 3D printer analyzes the extruder’s moving directions ahead of time which helps to identify its trajectory. Ultimately, better print quality is delivered at corners. You can find this Snapmaker 3D printer at

  • Snapmaker Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module

Once you start using a dual extruder, there is no going back. There are many benefits that this dual extruder designed by Snapmaker offers. A dual hot end enables the creation of a sophisticated print with fine details. It can combine PLA and TPU filament materials and also mix and match colors on the prints.

I hope this piece has enlightened you on which is the best 3D printer for sale on the market today. Visit today.


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