Advantages Of SLS 3D Printing

Advantages Of SLS 3D Printing

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20 January 2023

January 2023: Selective laser sintering is the most advanced technology of 3D printing and is gaining popularity among different individuals and businesses. SLS 3D printing is being used in a wide range of applications from prototype designs to mass production due to the fact that it has got a high-quality effect on printing and strong adaptability. It’s widely used widely because of its high precision and strength. The advantages you get to enjoy when using SLS for 3D printing are as follows.

Advantages of SLS 3D printing

  1. No support is needed

When it comes to SLS 3D printing, the 3D model is placed in between the layers hence no support is required to hold parts of the model as printing takes place. As the 3D model is carved layer by layer, the complete layer of the powder is coated every time, which is fused together according to the model with the help of a laser. This leaves the untreated powder in between the layers, giving support to the next layer if required.

  1. Design opportunities

Another major advantage that SLS 3D printing has, making it the most preferred by engineers is that it can be used to produce models with complex designs, something that’s not possible with conventional, methods of manufacturing. Further, it’s useful to designers when it comes to combining complex parts to form a single part by alleviating the weak joints and reducing the time spent assembling different parts.

  1. It’s productive and fast

Even if speed always depends on the type of 3D printer, SLS 3D printing is considered to be the fastest additive manufacturing technology in producing durable prototypes, functional, and end-use parts. When you compare it with the layer deposition methods that are used in FDM, you’ll still realize that SLS is faster. Moreover, there are no restrictions to printing a single part at a time, you get the advantage of printing multiple models at the same time.

  1. Affordable

More people are opting for SLS 3D printing than traditional manufacturing methods simply because it’s less expensive, especially in terms of the custom tools, spare parts, and prototypes that are needed. Since SLS 3D printing does not require any tools or molds, it’s not expensive. When checking out the cost of buying the machine and printing materials, those of SLS 3D printers are more affordable. It’s however best that you shop through different stores to get one that sells the materials and machine at the best affordable price.

  1. High quality and efficiency

SLS 3D printing is majorly considered because of its high efficiency. When it comes to carrying out mass production, you can easily optimize each build to its maximum extent and produce multiple copies of the same part at once since there’s no support structure. They have brought about tremendous progress, especially in prototyping and the parts that get produced are very strong and of high quality with the best mechanical properties.

To add to this, it’s worth considering investing in buying a 3-in-1 3D printer CNC as it’s considered to be the best in producing parts that are strong with precise dimensions.  This type of 3D printer can work with a variety of materials ranging from wood, and thermoplastics. Since it has a high tolerance capability, it ensures that you get results that are more accurate. Also when it comes to doing production in large numbers, the 3-in-1 3D printer CNC is faster.  The 3-in-1 3D printer CNC can steadily produce a specific product the same way every time you want to print.


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