Is a goose down or a synthetic duvet better?

Is a goose down or a synthetic duvet better?

18 January 2023

Every time we have to choose

Which duvet to buy, a constant doubt creeps in: which type of duvet to buy? Goose or synthetic? What’s the difference? Last time we explained to you the different materials with which a bed stripe duvet cover single is made. Each material, however, has particular characteristics which adapt or not to your needs. Let’s see them together.

Synthetic duvet

The synthetic duvet is created with artificial filling. Its quality can never be compared to goose down, but it remains the ideal solution for those who are allergic to feathers and need a hypoallergenic synthetic material. The warmth of this type of duvet is measured based on the filling: the weight remains light, but the degrees of warmth are often lower than that of a goose-down duvet.

The materials used are cellulose fibre to increase perspiration and more “natural” fibres such as cotton and hemp. The other synthetic padding uses specially created fibres, therefore completely artificial. To choose the most suitable synthetic duvet, you must consider the type of room in which you will use it (cold, very cold, warm or very hot) and your need for protection. Based on this data, you can buy the king size plain dyed duvet cover with the best synthetic filling.

Goose down

It’s the best choice, and there’s no doubt about that. Goosedown is the material that best suits the microfiber duvet because it offers exceptional protection and warmth. But what types of feathers exist?

Padding can be of two types:

Padding with Feather is made with the FeatherFeather without the central stem. Feather padding, made with the whole FeatherFeather, including the central part. The best is undoubtedly the FeatherFeather: it has more excellent thermal insulation and gives a softness that has no equal. Furthermore, its ability to absorb moisture makes it the most suitable for children. On the other hand, FeatherFeather usually has a percentage close to 30% and is mixed with cotton. Excellent in any case because it warms and protects. However, it is at a different level than down.

What’s the best choice?

We often repeat it: For us, the FeatherFeather wins over everything. It is precious, one of a kind. But it must still be chosen according to your needs, so here’s which goose down you can buy:

  • Freelander is the best, both for padding and fabric
  • Siberian, warm and light, ideal if you want protection but the slight heaviness
  • Danube, maximum quality but at a lower price
  • Montblanc, the Plume Special, for 100% comfort
  • Gardena, light and inexpensive, but with quality goose down

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