The 7 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers of 2022

The 7 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers of 2022

7 May 2022

The virtual phone number has become extremely important to take your business to new heights in today’s day and age. It opens up new opportunities for your business. The number, which by the way is customized, provides a separate secondary number for the customers to reach you. It also allows you to take your business internationally at extremely cheap rates. They also ensure complete privacy using call masking.

However, your choice of virtual phone number providers depends on how many numbers or extensions you need. It also depends on the budget of the business as well as the need of the hour. Whether you want a local number or an international number is also a question of great importance.

We have compiled the best 7 virtual phone number providers in 2022 for your help. Read on:

  • Knowlarity

Knowlarity ranks at the top of our list because of its seamless User Interface (UI) and maintenance facility. This is especially important to small businesses and enterprise businesses. Knowlarity provides not only phone calls via virtual numbers but also an option to send text messages and video calls. The software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a better user experience. The calls are automatically routed to the best agents in order to get a speedy resolution.

Knowlarity features:

CRM Integration: It allows seamless integration with all the CRMs and saves a lot of hassle.

Customized solutions: The solutions provided are crafted according to the needs of your business and are not limited to just one standard pack.

Round-the-clock support: The company also provides 24*7 support in case of any trouble. This comes in handy while addressing the international calls because of the time difference.

Speech Analytics: The company allows the transcription and analysis of the audio files in order to make actionable reports and insights.

  • Grasshopper

Grasshopper is especially suitable for businesses with small teams or businesses run by one person alone. Generally, entrepreneurs prefer to make and receive calls from customers without using their personal numbers. Grasshopper provides every customer with a virtual phone number using three plans. One is the Solo Plan, another is the Partner plan, and the third one is the Small Business Plan. In the first plan, the customer is given one free virtual number. In the second, they are provided with three virtual numbers, and with the third Plan, and five numbers. According to the need of the customer, these virtual phone numbers can be local or toll-free (800).

Grasshopper Features

Custom greetings: The greetings can be recorded by the entrepreneur. This is more welcoming to the callers and it can also provide them with a certain trust in the business. Additionally, the person can record the options to proceed with the greetings to make things easy for the caller.

Quick response: Using this feature, the app automatically texts your caller when their call can’t be answered. The caller can then respond with the best time to call them back, making the customer experience more streamlined.

  • eVoice

eVoice is a special provider because it has all of the standard options for virtual numbers, such as local, 800, and vanity phone numbers. Also, it provides numbers in international territories.

To save the cost, eVoice’s international forwarding feature allows you to send calls to your businesses in other countries. You can do this even if you do not have a separate number for your international customers. Some of the other features of eVoice include call screening, hold music, call queuing, an auto-attendant, and conference calling.

eVoice Features

Custom greetings: Like other service providers, eVoice also allows the business to record specific greetings in their own voice and use them if in the call. This can be used to give a piece of news about the business too.

Advanced call routing: It makes sure that the callers get to the person they want to speak with right away. This ensures that call times are shorter and focused on the reason for the call, and prevents any frustration a caller might experience trying to reach the right person.

  • MightyCall

MightyCall, like Knowlarity, offers a seven-day free trial period as well as a demo where you can explore the user interface (UI). It will make it easier for you to know if the provider is right for your business. It is especially good when it comes to handling large teams.

Unlike most the other service providers, MightyCall, allows you to connect a virtually unlimited number of users to your account.

However, it must also be noted that you’ll only have 1,000 calling minutes at the base tier with this service provider. For some, this might be limiting compared to a provider like Knowlarity which offers unlimited calling and texting at the introductory tier.

MightyCall features:

Voicemail transcriptions: You can also receive a message alert along with the missed call.

Unlimited users and extensions: Irrespective of the number of employees using the system, you will have to pay only a single monthly fee. All but the base plan includes unlimited minutes, which is great for growing teams that make numerous monthly calls.

Client contact book: You also get to maintain the information of your customer. This can help you in serving them better.

  • TalkRoute

TalkRoute has very special packs. The most important are the Pro and Enterprise packs. These provide business associate agreements (BAA). It is important to ensure data privacy and protection. In the case of businesses that are dealing with health issues of the callers, they get access to a lot of personal information. TalkRoute ensures that the information is kept safe.

In addition, TalkRoute works well as a contact center solution. It has a multi-level IVR and allows you to let a number of phones ring in the same call. It also provides the facility of call stacking, which enables you to place multiple callers on hold so there’s no busy signal.

However, there is a big downside to TalkRoute. You do not get access to international numbers. But you still have access to local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. It comes in handy when you want to capture local as well as national markets.

TalkRoute features:

Number of Extensions: The presence of extensions makes it easier for callers to contact a specific individual. There are also multi-digit extensions.

Multi-level IVR: Using this, you can provide the customer with multiple options and facilities. The customer will not feel stuck.

Custom greetings: You can also create custom greetings for the callers. You can also set custom parameters for each of your extensions to save time and other resources.

  • CallHippo

CallHippo is a virtual phone number provider that offers virtual numbers at very cheap monthly packs. These numbers can be local or international. For a business that is looking to expand overseas without spending much money, this is a good option. One of the packs, called the Silver tier, allows the agent to get contact center features that are very useful for teams with a lot of employees.

CallHippo features:

Call cascading: It allows you to prioritize all incoming calls based on the time of receiving them.

Customizable call routing: The call routing feature is extremely handy with this one. It allows you to route the call to any number in your organization, and that too is customizable.

Smart call recording: The company also provides the facility to record the calls. These come in handy when you have to provide training to your agents.

  • is special because of its vast number of international phone number options. At no additional charge, it allows you to route calls to more than 60 international destinations.

As the name implies, provides several options for toll-free numbers for your business. All of these lie between 800 and 899. Similar to some other competitors, allows the same default calling features into every plan. The main difference in each plan lies in the number of toll-free numbers and the monthly allotment of minutes. lets you choose from SMS text and email notifications in your voicemail. It makes it easier to keep a track of the missed calls and the user can also record voicemail information according to the need of the business. The call recording facility is allowed in every plan and it can be used for training the existing as well as future hirings.

Features of

Mass texting campaigns: You can set up a campaign via mass texting.

Call recording: As mentioned earlier, the calls can be recorded and used for future reference. This helps in enhancing the customer experience.

Voicemail transcription: The transcripts are sent directly to your Email ID.


While there are a number of good options to choose from in India, Knowlarity stands at the top of the list because of the plethora of facilities it opens for the customers. From the use of Artificial Intelligence to allowing CRM integration it provides it all.

However, the choice of the provider also depends upon the budget of the organization and its needs.


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