Back to school? Best sites for student discounts & Study Memberships

Back to school? Best sites for student discounts & Study Memberships

13 January 2023

Now that the schools have reopened and whether you like it or not, you are bound to get back to work, it is better to start with a positive mindset. But before getting started, check out the following sites that are offering various deals and programs, made exclusively for students, which might give you a head start:

Best places to get study memberships

Now that you are all geared up and have acquired all the essentials you need for getting back to school, there is just one important thing left- taking a good study membership. Having enrolled in a study membership program can help you excel in your studies from the very start.

Following are some of the best places you can take study memberships from:


A professor at MIT and his colleagues came up with the idea for Edx, which was launched in 2012. The idea was to offer access to free online education to everyone. Today, it offers more than 3600 courses after starting out with MIT Circuits and Electronics as its inaugural course.

Education & Teacher Training, Biology & Life Sciences, Architecture, Chemistry, Art & Culture, Electronics, Medicine, Food & Nutrition, Physics, Science, Music, Law, History, Language, Engineering, and Environmental Studies are just a few of the subjects that EdX offers courses in. The majority of the courses are in English, however, there are courses offered in other languages as well. There are classes available at several skill levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Furthermore, it offers six different programs and degrees which you can enroll in by taking its premium study membership.


As implied by the name, SolutionInn is an online website that offers academic problem-solving assistance to students. It provides students with a variety of study aid options, including free textbook distribution, online tutoring from tens of thousands of subject-matter experts worldwide, access to solution manuals, and expert Q&A. Hundreds of qualified professionals are available on this platform to help students with their academic work.

There are three types of study memberships from which you can choose: With its 1-month study membership option starting from just $9.99, you can have access to a variety of study aids, including solution manuals for nearly 2 million textbooks, etc. You can save more if you choose a 3- or 6-month membership option.


Having a study membership from this online platform will help you achieve your goals of learning a new language this year or improving your fluency in one you already know.

You can learn a new language with the minimum amount of effort with this platform. With more than 32,000 experienced tutors, this online learning platform can assist you in mastering any language, whether it is French, Spanish, German, or any other arcane language. From introductory to advanced levels, you can choose from a variety of study membership courses at affordable fees, and you can even get coaching from a native speaker.


Getting a study membership from Chegg might be the best pick for you if you’re seeking an online platform that offers a wide range of educational services including textbook solutions, courses to prepare for different examinations, online coaching, etc. It has a vast repository of textbook solutions that provide detailed solutions to textbook problems. They offer a variety of study membership plans based on the needs of different students. It also provides other services such as professional grammar checking and proofreading.


Coursera can be of great benefit to you whether you want to enhance your knowledge, become more skilled in your field, or simply want to improve your resume. Coursera offers an incredible amount of guided projects and courses from more than 275 top-notch universities, which it is partnered with. You can even acquire a bachelor’s or master’s degree using this online platform from the comfort of your own home. You receive a certificate with no expiration date after completing the courses. If you decide not to continue within the 7-day free trial, you do not get charged. You can also apply for financial help or enroll in free courses if you don’t want to spend on its study membership plans.

Best places to get student discounts

Who does not love discounts? The thing is most people don’t know where to get them. But, if you are a college student, you can get good discounts on various items from different platforms.

Following are some online platforms that offer heavy discounts to students. Most of them just

Best Buy Student Deals

Best Buy student deals are available to students as well as their parents. Best Buy changes its exclusive offerings frequently, and most of the time there are some extra deals available. Students can save on a variety of items from laptops to hostel accessories and much more.

require your college email.

Apple Student Discount

You can get discounts on a new Mac or Ipad with Apple education pricing. These discounts are available to currently enrolled as well as fresh college students. Students’ parents, college faculty, and staff can also avail of the discounts.

The discount offered is generally about 10 percent. You can also save on other services like AppleCare+.

Dell University Store Deals

The Dell University store offers various discount offers to students with valid student email addresses. Even some Dell University coupons can be stacked with other deals to get further discounts. Most stores don’t allow such offers, which makes these deals a bit more alluring.

HP Education Store Discounts

With the education store of HP, university students and teachers can get discounts of up to 40%. Additionally, it offers free shipping and easy returns. Just sign up for HP education discounts by verifying your college email address.

Lenovo Student Discounts

With Lenovo, college students can get an extra 5% off.  Whereas, K-12 students & parent shoppers can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 50%.

Samsung Education Offers Program

Samsung’s Education offers program is for students, parents, and educators, who can get up to 30% off on laptops, tablets, phones, and other gadgets.


Getting back to school can be exciting for some students whereas others might feel the need to have some more time off. Whichever categories of student you belong to, getting student discounts and some good study membership programs that can improve your grades, are things that all students envy. So, without any further delay, avail yourself of these student discounts and study membership programs before getting back to school.


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