Boost your business with Kenyan Technology Startups

Boost your business with Kenyan Technology Startups

25 April 2022

Google recently made an announcement that it would be investing up to $50 million in African early and growth-stage startups through the African Investment fund. Google makes this announcement during its very first “Google for Africa” event that got held on Oct 6 back in 2021. The selected startups that got drawn from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Rwanda, Zambia, and Cote D’lvoire would take part in the Africa Program that would begin on October 13th. While talking about Kenya, the startups made it to the list. They would receive up to $100,000 within equity-free funding, access to its employees; network, and technologies including Google Ad Grants and Cloud Credits. Kenyan Digital Logistics Marketplace for affordable deliveries within Kenya. The Kenyan Technology Startups aims to connect the clients directly with transporters, cutting out the expensive middlemen.

Weetracker aims to pave the way towards a new deal within the African logistics and supply chain thanks to digitalization, now extended towards the last mile. The organization has got an exciting 12 months with its revenue that grows over 300% despite the COVID-19 Crisis. The organization aims to focus on delivering quality and relevant education over demand using AI. The organization aims to infuse IoT, farm management, and the use of high-quality feeds to improve the productivity of small-scale fish farmers and link the produced fish to traders. The startup provides vital production metrics like feed conversation ratio, average daily growth, mortality rates, and water temperature. The company aims to help the Kenyan Technology Startups, investors, and employees to track equity and distribute digital securities within their portfolios.

Take your business towards profitability with Kenyan Technology Startups

Furthermore, the company is a Kenyan Technology Startup that aims to enable SME retailers to have the access to instant working capital while providing transaction transparency to Consumer Goods organizations and Banks. The organization is a cloud-based human resources management and payroll solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) within Africa. The startup aims to provide businesses with tools to enable them better and efficiently manage their employees. The organization helps to connect SMEs to banks or financial institutions for them to access affordable working capital. The organization has built an end-to-end digital API infrastructure that is helpful to determine the credit score of these SMEs and match them with lenders. Weetracker aims to combine a field sales automation SaaS solution with its B2B marketplace to digitalize how informal retail merchants buy and sell FMCGs and digital financial services.

This is one of the best one-stop shops for the financial services for the whole economy. The startup aims to offer the workers a one-stop-shop of financial services like the ability to seamlessly save their income and receive income and receive in-kind loans through the buy now option. Kenya is basically one of the leading organizations in tech innovation in Africa. It is just because of this reason its tech ecosystem turns to be famously known as Silicon Savannah. Apart from private investors, the Kenyan government, in a way to alleviate poverty and unemployment, particularly among the youth, aims to fund the new startups through the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

A business startup is a risk however always provides a new opportunity too. It has been seen often that startup companies that have got their domain like a “new technology” comes out with a lot of big returns. These organizations are typically research-driven and bring out something new that has a huge demand or else come out with a new way of doing something old. It is also often the case that these organizations get owned by the people who have been working like a senior executives themselves, and so have adequate experience in running a show. So investing within a business startup offers a golden opportunity for venture capitalists (VCs) and bankers. However, there are multiple people who think twice before doing so, simply because the entity is a startup.

Business Start-up- Where do we come around the most?

The truth is that business start-ups may be found almost everywhere. It may be a restaurant or else a boutique shop wherein a previous employee or else a group of them comes out and opens their business. Or it may be a new transport or else a travel organization wherein the new entrepreneurs think that they have got adequate knowledge and experience and may sustain over their own. Some of the business start-ups attain huge success and today have become big businesses themselves. Multiple of these companies go public and today have a huge customer base with clients from all around the world. The example is inspiring others to come out and open their own start-up ventures. Ensure that you grab the best Kenyan Technology Startups from Weetracker and come over here as soon as possible.

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