How are businesses employing number masking in India

How are businesses employing number masking in India

18 April 2022

It’s a highly competitive business environment that we all are working in today. Everyone is conscious of the ruthless business climate, so each day is a never-ending and constant struggle to win. Amongst various other factors that businesses rely on, customer service is an area that tends to get overlooked at times. But it is important to realize how imperative customer care services are, which help every business to flourish. And to avail, the businesses at a height, employing number masking becomes the most essential tool for many sectors. But what is a number masking solution?

Number masking or call masking is an advanced data protection measure created to ensure the agent’s privacy and the personal details of the caller. It tends to facilitate a seamless connection between the two on-call entities without disclosing the phone numbers. It results in ensuring trust and data security of the customer and agent interaction. It records and monitors the calls of increased performance of the agents which gives a real-time insight as well. An analytics dashboard is used for comprehending customers’ needs and ensuring agents’ proper training.

So, which businesses are the most beneficiaries of the number masking solution?. Across various industries, this top-of-the-line communication is becoming increasingly popular. However, for service-oriented businesses and e-commerce, this solution has become indispensable. Let us explore the best use case of the number masking solution.

  • Healthcare: In the current scenario, doctors mostly depend on on-calls and video consultations to provide medical services for safety concerns. Many are diffident in sharing their personal number for fear of being bombarded with calls. Call masking allows doctors to safely interact with their patients without such worries. A temporary number is displayed by the software that is inactive once the interaction is over. Hence, the necessary medical guidance is received by the patient and the doctor can carry on their duties peacefully.
  • Transport: One of the prime use cases of the number masking is the ride shared apps. This solution helps passengers and drivers to connect safely without their personal numbers being shared. Call masking thus protects the passengers and guarantees the safety of thousands of drivers while working.
  • E-commerce: The vendor-buyer interactions for an e-commerce business are safely and comfortably facilitated by the number masking. For the delivery services and online shopping portals, these interactions are the lifelines that track leads and ensure consistent and seamless customer services.
  • Remote Teams: Nowadays, number masking has become popular among remote teams who make connections and interact with customers from their own devices. The team uses a business number to connect with their customers, delivering a personalized experience. This solution helps protect the personal information and professional credibility is being maintained during business calls.
  • Global Customers: Number masking is a beneficial tool for global teams to call customers from different parts of the world. This clever solution reveals the local phone number of the business in the region or country, even if you are calling from a different country. For instance, an employee based in India can use an African caller ID number instead of using the Indian number to make connections with customers who reside in Africa. Customers are keener in answering when they see a local number on the caller ID.

There is no doubt that number masking solutions are here to stay, because of their fast-growing popularity and benefits. To online buy number masking services in India, Knowlarity is the best leading cloud telephony solution that enables streamlined communications for businesses on the cloud.  When you switch to cloud solutions, it will upgrade the traditional contact services to a smarter virtual calling platform. It safeguards customers’ privacy, tract call, and monitor, and also provides real-time insights which help every business.  Another solution to get number masking services is the Servetel, which is the provider of cloud telephony service that facilitates cloud telephony solutions for all kinds of business needs.

The most important thing for every business is to protect the customer’s services at all costs. Because, the quality and service are often compromised by the customers, but the privacy is not. Every business will survive, thrive, and grow if it caters to this requirement to get a number masking solution.

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