6 Simple Ways to Prevent Disconnection of your Smart TV from Wi-Fi

6 Simple Ways to Prevent Disconnection of your Smart TV from Wi-Fi

8 January 2023

A Smart TV is the latest version of television that uses the internet to make streaming videos, playing games, and much more possible via a television. It is used widely across the globe and is expected to replace traditional TV by 2030. Since it requires a Wi-Fi connection to access online sources, it is prone to disruption due to internet-related issues. One of the most common issues faced by smart TV viewers is the disconnection of the TV from Wi-Fi. This is an extremely frustrating issue because it causes inconvenience and delays in watching shows, playing online gaming leagues, or talking to loved ones via the smart TV.

Are you also facing the same problem? If yes, then download a Cox Contour TV app for a seamless streaming experience. Besides, we recommend you read this article till the end to know the causes of this issue and some effective ways to resolve and prevent it. After all, if a smart TV is not connected to the internet, there’s no reason at all to call it smart!

Why Does My Smart TV Disconnect from Wi-Fi? How to Fix It?

There are several reasons why your smart TV may disconnect from Wi-Fi after some time. These reasons can pertain to the smart TV or Wi-Fi. In either case, to resolve them, you first need to understand them completely. Some of the reasons are described below along with ways to resolve them:

Position and Location of the Router

If you have a wireless internet network and your router is placed in a closed space like a box, a drawer, or a bookshelf, the smart TV will not be able to catch signals from it because there will be a physical barrier between the two. Additionally, if the antennae of the internet router are not facing the right direction, there is a greater likelihood of disruption in signals. Therefore, you must ensure that the router is close to the smart TV, its antennae are sticking out and it is not enclosed inside an object. On the other hand, if you have cable internet, the smart TV needs to be connected to the internet via an HDMI cable. In that case, the position and location of the router don’t matter.

Condition of Network Equipment

Sometimes, the smart TV disconnects from Wi-Fi because there’s a need to get the network equipment such as the router or cable, repaired or replaced. The network equipment delivers unreliable performance if it gets older than 5 years because the parts get worn out and their ability to transmit and detect signals begins to drop gradually. Therefore, the internet equipment needs to be in proper working condition for the smart TV to retain a Wi-Fi connection and prevent disruption.

Software Update

Most smart TVs require their software to be updated after regular time intervals for a smooth experience. Until it is updated, users may encounter issues related to its functioning, and disconnection from Wi-Fi is one of them. Therefore, make sure to update the smart TV software as soon as it is available.

However, if you can’t keep up with regular updates, then you should consider switching to the DISH Channel guide for endless entertainment without going the extra mile.

DNS Setting

Domain Name System server settings can sometimes cause the smart TV to disconnect from Wi-Fi. Most of the time, the smart TV comes with the DNS server settings already installed. If your smart TV doesn’t seem to have them installed, you need to do them by yourself to keep the Wi-Fi from disconnecting constantly. This can be done by going into the general settings options in the settings menu, then choosing the DNS settings in the IP settings option and shifting it to manual selection, and finally entering the following code in the two bars visible on the window:

Internet Service

Streaming videos on Netflix, playing online games on the internet, or taking long-distance video calls on a smart TV without getting disconnected from Wi-Fi require a fast and reliable internet connection with low network latency. If your internet connection is not capable of supporting your bandwidth-intensive online tasks, maybe it’s time to switch to a better one to prevent disturbance in your online activities. Fiber internet connections provide the fastest speeds followed by cable and satellite internet. However, each of these has its pros and cons so you must evaluate the products based on your internet needs and priorities.

Minor issues

Sometimes, there is no actual reason behind the disconnection of your smart TV from the Wi-Fi. The internet router just needs to be restarted to troubleshoot any minor problems in the background. All you need to do is unplug the router and plug it back after 30 seconds. Then run an application on the smart TV to check if the issue has been resolved.


Smart TVs have enhanced our streaming and gaming experience and they continue to improve with regular updates. However, smart TVs have smarter problems that need to be taken care of. This article highlights the causes of the disconnection of the smart TV from Wi-Fi and suggests some ways to resolve the problems without having to contact the company’s customer support.

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