How To Get The Most Out Of Fantasy Cricket: Tips And Tricks For Playing

How To Get The Most Out Of Fantasy Cricket: Tips And Tricks For Playing

28 December 2022

Playing fantasy cricket can be a great way to spend time with friends, learn about different players and teams, and predict how they will do in the upcoming matches. However, playing can also be fun if you know the right tips and tricks. To enjoy your fantasy cricket experience to the fullest, the essential information you should be aware of will be outlined in this article.

Fantasy Cricket: The Game

Read on if you’re new to fantasy cricket or just looking for tips and tricks to get the most out of your games! Here is some advice that will enable you to triumph in more games.

  1. Get Organized

Before you even start drafting teams, it’s essential to have a rough idea of who your starting players are going to be. Make a list of all the players in each category – batsman, bowler, fielder – and decide who will be your primary starters. Once you have this information, it’ll be easier to draft team members around them.

  1. Evaluate Players Regularly

Don’t blindly pick up the first player off the waiver wire every time; make sure you’re evaluating players regularly to make informed decisions about who to pick up and hold on to. Pay attention to batting and bowling averages; if one player’s standard is high, but their strike rate is low, they may not be worth picking up long-term. Likewise, if a player’s average is low, but their strike rate is high, they might be worth taking a chance on if their team needs an extra bat or bowler.

  1. Have A Plan For Injuries And Substitutions

Fantasy cricket isn’t just about picking the best players available – it’s also about ensuring your team can withstand injuries and substitutions unscathed. Have a backup plan if someone on your team might miss some time. If you’re facing a tough match and your starting pitcher is injured, for example, be prepared to give your backup a try.

  1. Play Smart

Stay calm – if you have a weak batting or bowling lineup, don’t risk wasting valuable points by picking too many high-risk players. Stick to players with solid stats and low risk/reward ratios, and you’ll be in good shape.

These tips should help you start playing fantasy cricket effectively – be sure to share them with other players in your league so that everyone can win more matches!

How Does Fantasy Cricket Work?

Fantasy cricket is a popular game that pits players against each other to achieve the best score. The game is played with a standard cricket board, with each player drafting players from a particular team and hoping their chosen player will succeed on the field.

There are many different ways to play fantasy cricket, but the most common way is to draft teams of ten players who compete against each other in matches. Players can earn points by scoring runs or taking wickets, and the top scorer at the end of the season wins the trophy. There are variations on this theme, such as using only certain types of bats or bowlers or playing in a single-elimination format.

Getting Started

The first step is to create your team, which should include five batters and four bowlers. You can then select these players before starting your first match.


Each match consists of three innings (or fifty overs), and you must score as many runs as possible while preventing your opponents from doing likewise. You can do this by batting or bowling, but selecting the right option for the situation is essential. For example, if you’re batting and facing a good bowler, it might be better to stay in your half of the pitch so that you have more time to score runs; on the other hand, if you’re bowling an easy ball and need to take wickets, it might be better to bowl in the other half of the pitch.

You can also pick players who will be successful in any given situation. For example, if you’re batting and facing a good bowler, select a player with a high batting average who can score runs quickly; alternatively, if you’re bowling and need to take wickets rapidly, like a player with a high bowling average who can frustrate your opponents.


After each match, you’ll earn points based on your performance. The higher your score, the more issues you’ll have. The trophy is given to the player who finished the campaign with the most points.

Tips for the Best Performance in Fantasy Cricket

You can make the most of your fantasy cricket experience by following simple steps. Here are some pointers to help you strike the ball with the most force possible while avoiding costly errors:

  1. Develop a batting strategy. While there is no right way to approach batting in fantasy cricket, developing a plan will help you maximize your chances of scoring runs. Consider your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and base your decisions accordingly on who to pick in each inning.
  2. Review player stats regularly. Keep an eye on player stats throughout the season, as this will give you an idea of how they are performing and which players might be worth targeting in future matches. This information can also help you make informed decisions when picking team memberships for future matches.
  3. Strike early and often! Avoid trying to hit big shots early in an inning – this could lead to costly failures later on. Instead, aim to score runs quickly by attacking the mid-range and off-stump deliveries that are likely to be bowled by the opposition batsmen.
  4. Be disciplined with your selected options. Don’t overspend on certain players – instead, try to focus on selecting quality players from all budget ranges so that you have a solid lineup no matter what happens during a match (or series).
  5. Use online resources wisely. Many fantastic fantasy cricket resources are available online, but make sure you use them wisely – not all are accurate or unbiased. Before selecting a player, check their stats and compare them to those of other players in the same category (for example, top batsmen vs. top bowlers).

If you’re looking to improve your fantasy cricket performance, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Make sure you’re following the right strategy.
  2. Be prepared to adjust your game plan as the match progresses.
  3. Use the fantasy cricket app to help you keep track of all the essential stats.

You can outperform your rivals if you keep these suggestions in mind!

Tips for Selecting a Team and Playing

The best way to enjoy fantasy cricket varies based on your tastes and playing style, so there is no universally applicable answer. However, here are a few tips to help you choose the right team and get the most out of your fantasy cricket experience.

  1. Do your research

Before you even start thinking about picking a team, it’s essential to do some research.

What are players available in your league?

Who are the best options for each position?

How strong is their respective lineup? You can find this information on Fantrax, ESPN’s website, or other Fantasy Cricket resources.

  1. Don’t overthink it

When it comes to picking a fantasy cricket team, don’t overthink it! Go with your gut instinct and pick players you think will perform well in that matchup. If you have questions about a player or their injury status, ask around before selecting them – there’s no shame in admitting that you don’t know everything about fantasy cricket!

  1. Draft wisely

Drafting is vital when playing fantasy cricket – select the right players for your team based on their skill set and matchup. For example, if you have a player from India scheduled to play against an Australian couple, be sure to draft an Indian player as your batting captain (or vice versa) so that you can maximize potential points-scoring opportunities.


Fantasy Cricket is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and have fun. Take advantage of this exciting game because you can meet new people and make friends by joining leagues. You can maximize your fantasy cricket experience by using the advice in this article, regardless of your experience level.

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