Pool Fence: Safety Is Always the Only Option!

Pool Fence: Safety Is Always the Only Option!

29 March 2022

As part of our objective to create a safer environment, Star Gate & Fence is committing to building safe pool fences for homes. We are professional pool barrier installers and repairmen. Having done this for a long time now, we have noticed the importance of having a good pool fence. Asides from that, it makes for aesthetic purposes; really nice pool fences can give this secluded calm atmosphere plus privacy! A pool entrance can be done within a good time. All that is needed is the necessary tools and materials to start the show!

Star Gate & Fence Creating Awesome Pool Fences!

Why should we consider a pool wall? There are several reasons why a pool barrier is important:

  • You have kids in the house who either can’t swim or are too young to learn
  • For guests or pets that are not swimmers
  • Want to have the entire space to yourself, without intrusion
  • Keeping the pool area safe and protected from humans

If you’re looking for privacy security for your pool in Dallas, TX, consider doing a pool fence. It’s doesn’t look too much, especially if it’s done by professionals. The fence can be made of materials you’re comfortable with and are quite strong, steel, aluminum, etc. For homes with young children or pets that are always wandering about, a pool fence will be highly recommended!

There have been several situations where a pool barrier saved a child or pets from the deep waters. We don’t want bad things to happen but being cautious is so important. That’s where we come in! Be prepared with us; our reviews don’t lie! People love us because we get the job done. We don’t pick clients because of status, class, or position, but we are very big on professionalism and being a channel to give awesome services! Do call us today.

What A Pool Wall Should Look Like!

There is no particular way the fence around your pool should look like. It varies. We are taking into consideration the preference of the owner and regulations of the state. Several states offer regulations and requirements for having a standard fence. Once we start work, our first job will be to show you all your options. Every single need to have will be taken care of. Proper guidance and advice will be given on what will be best for the home and the pool, if and when necessary.

However, we believe the height of this fence should not be less than 1300mm. Also, take notes of objects that can be climbed on. A pool wall shouldn’t be too close to these objects. It is so important because one must be prepared for anything and everything. In some countries, a pool fence is compulsory. This is no surprise as the rate of drowning increases. To keep those we love safe from harm, it is necessary we do the needful. Call us today and let the fun begin!

What Are We Good At?

Star Gate from Dallas, TX, is popularly known for its electric gates, wooden fences, garden fences, pool entrances, gates of various kinds, and so on. Our installation and maintenance services are out of this world. We are delivering durable materials with durable services. Our pool, garden and electric fences are the best in the area. It takes a few minutes to get in contact with us; then you tell us all you need; we’ll take it from there! Our efficiency has made us able to win the hearts and minds of our clients. The hundreds of reviews we get are enough proof!

Star Gate & Fence

Dallas, TX 75252

Phone: 469-778-0871


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