15 Successful Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for 2022

15 Successful Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for 2022

1 December 2022

In 2022, it’s now not a rely of if you plan to use social advertising and marketing—it’s a count of the way. Platforms like Facebook are no longer in reality an area of social connection. These systems have developed into cutting-edge marketplaces—crucial income channels essential to any ecommerce commercial enterprise. One of the most important blessings in terms of Facebook advertisements are the ad  targeting alternatives. Click here.

You can drill down into pretty much any form of target audience you need to, allowing you to get extremely good unique with campaigns. Facebook has 3 most important types of concentrated on alternatives: Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. Below, we provide reasons and Facebook advert concentrated on thoughts for each.

Start Facebook advert focused on along with your Core Audiences

Facebook Core Audiences is where you begin together with your first Facebook ads. Your Core Audiences are basically that: the center, or base, segment to apply as your first set of benchmarks.This is the inspiration upon which you’ll build the rest of your Facebook advert strategies and audiences. If you have already got a Facebook commercial enterprise page and audience, you’ll find this records through your Audience Insights.

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These insights will let you know the following about your Core Audiences:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connections


Facebook gives place-based totally target audience focused on. This is mainly useful if you know wherein your audience is placed or you want to goal a selected geographic target market. Additionally, you could select to target cities as opposed to small cities or select a relevant point around which to attract a radius, as well as different alternatives. 

Weather-primarily based concentrated on

You can faucet into weather-based totally focused on primarily based on customers’ locations. For instance, an garb brand would possibly pick out to run ads selling heat coats to an audience located in regions that hit a selected temperature threshold. Though weather-based totally concentrated on isn’t a native function inside Facebook, you could use a third-birthday party device like WeatherAds to perform this Facebook advert targeting idea.

Location-based concentrated on for achievement alternatives

Shoppers’ shopping for behavior have modified appreciably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And retailers needed to respond to each those shifts and the ever-converting regulations on commercial enterprise operations. As a result, extra outlets have offered click on-and-accumulate options, and on line-best brands are taking a comparable direction via imparting in-man or woman pickup or even shipping to nearby clients. Offering unfastened and bendy fulfillment alternatives can provide you with a aggressive facet. You may goal an audience located within X miles of your warehouse with in-individual pickup options or spread the word about your new neighborhood delivery provider.


Demographics seek advice from simple descriptions approximately your audience, which include things like profession and profits, schooling degree, circle of relatives and marital repute, race, and ethnicity. This can clue you in to key insights to tell your advert focused on and techniques.buy facebook likes uk

Target people who have currently gotten engaged

One concept to leverage demographics statistics is concentrated on humans who’ve currently been engaged. You can guess that lots of those people will possibly soon be planning their wedding, so that you might also look to advertise things like earrings, add-ons, birthday party favors, invitations, and comparable items. Plus, you could retarget them in the destiny with ads for honeymoon travelers and new homeowners, as an example. Use innovative and messaging that faucets into your audience’s modern lives.

Target people with upcoming anniversaries

Facebook additionally affords dating records, consisting of relationship reputation and date. So you may goal users with upcoming anniversaries. This is a terrific tactic for jewelry brands and restaurants, as an instance, as well as tour sellers, accommodations, and other journey-associated businesses who may host a couple for an anniversary trip.


Facebook has a ton of records about its users’ pastimes, which is key information to inform your ad targeting. Interests covers a huge range of factors, which include sports activities, even unique sports groups or athletes; track, including favored bands, artists, or maybe songs; and quite a whole lot any hobby you may consider.

Introduce a new product concept to people who have a associated interest

If you have got a brand new product to introduce to the world, you can use hobby-primarily based Facebook ad concentrated on to put it in front of people who’ve related pursuits. Maybe you have a new kind of dog toy, wherein case you’d use pastimes involving dogs.

Footwear brand Rothy’s ran a Facebook ad campaign in which it centered people with an hobby in both shoes and sustainability. The washer-friendly shoes are made with sustainable substances, so this hobby-based totally focused on turned into a natural suit. It also threw in other targeting parameters, such as demographics together with gender and age. The emblem boosted income by way of seventy two%.

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Behavior-based totally Facebook ad focused on alternatives consist of such things as current purchases, device utilization, Facebook roles and interest, or even small commercial enterprise proprietors, among many others.

Target primarily based on recent buy conduct

When you awareness on latest purchase conduct, you have the added advantage of understanding your target market is inclined to make on line transactions. Choose subcategories relevant in your industry, brand, and products—and don’t be afraid to get unique. This is a first-rate manner to reinforce patron acquisition.

One manner to trap in capability clients by means of purchase-based totally behavioral focused on is to provide an incentive. You might don’t forget providing a discount like the Facebook advert example under from Partake Foods. A loose pattern or free gift with buy also are tremendous cost-adds to push users towards conversion.


Connections-primarily based Facebook advert focused on is when you hone in on humans who’ve some kind of direct or indirect dating along with your Facebook web page, app, or occasion. This method they or someone they’re Facebook buddies with may additionally have appreciated your web page or one of your posts, engaged along with your app, RSVPed to one in all your activities, or maybe preferred or commented on certainly one of your occasions.

Use Facebook dynamic ads to robotically optimize overall performance

Target connections of users who’ve engaged with your ads in the past. Use the identical ad creative but allow Facebook automated dynamic ads to optimize the reproduction, imagery, and provide for the excellent results. That’s precisely what tech brand Lenovo did in the first a part of its two-part Facebook ad campaign to pressure brand awareness and customer acquisition. It helped the emblem accomplish a 9 times growth in go back on advert spend.

Refine Facebook ad focused on through Custom Audiences

Once you’re relaxed together with your Core Audiences, it’s time to transport directly to Facebook Custom Audiences. These segments are folks who are already privy to your emblem to some extent. Maybe they’ve heard of your merchandise or engaged along with your Facebook page before, as an example. There are 3 essential assets of data for your Custom Audiences:

  • Contact lists
  • Site site visitors
  • App customers

Contact lists

You can add or join your existing contact lists to Facebook with a purpose to then construct target audiences primarily based on the ones profiles.

Nurture first-time buyers

Consider importing a list of your first-time clients to Facebook and strolling a client retention marketing campaign to encourage their second purchase. Your innovative may also welcome clients on your emblem, introduce them for your product guarantee, or provide content material to make the most of their purchase. You can also inspire future purchases based totally on other purchaser information.

Think approximately no longer best what first-time clients usually buy next however additionally once they tend to do it—if it’s six months after their preliminary buy, for instance, you’ll want to make sure your commercials are targeting human beings within that point body.

TIP: Don’t forget about to comb up on facts privacy legal guidelines and rules like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and any other governing regulations for your location.

Site visitors

Facebook also can target human beings who have visited your ecommerce internet site or specific pages to your website. You might see this Facebook ad targeting alternative referred to as “website custom audiences.” You also can drill down into web site conduct including page depth, time on site, which pages they jump from, and greater.

Set up your Meta Pixel

Before you even consider creating and going for walks your campaign, you’ll need to put in the Meta Pixel to your website. The Meta Pixel tracks consumer behavior to your website online, providing you with no longer only facts to use in your Facebook advert strategy however also unique target market segments you may then goal in the destiny.

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Create an deserted cart advert

The average buying cart abandonment charge sits just shy of 70%. And as many as a quarter of buyers will abandon a cart to purchase a product from a competitor. Abandoned carts are lost opportunities that hurt in particular bad—they already did all the work to get the product in their cart, so what averted them from finishing the very last step? Recovering the ones carts may additionally prove an easier feat than attracting a first-time consumer because the person already knows your brand, has interest on your merchandise, and just desires a bit nudge.

Organic pores and skin care emblem Arugot used Facebook dynamic ads and concentrated on to sell merchandise to site traffic who had deserted their carts. It customized product pointers primarily based on customers’ carts and ended up nearly tripling sales. In a few instances, you may provide a discount code or free present. In others, a easy reminder of what they’re missing out on will suffice. You can check advert innovative and use Facebook’s automatic optimization options to discover what works high-quality.

Set up sequential retargeting

Sequential retargeting through Facebook ads is while you target your target audience with a series of commercials relying on their site conduct. This is an powerful sort of Facebook advert because it recognizes the stage human beings are at in their buying adventure. For instance, a product page tourist is a ways much more likely to be equipped to make a buy than a person who handiest visited your homepage.

One hundred% PURE used sequential retargeting to serve site visitors who bounced from its home web page three different ads over the route of 3 days. Each advert added some thing new approximately the emblem.

App users

If you’ve got a Facebook app, you can target humans who have engaged with it and taken particular movements inside your app. These customers already have a few form of familiarity along with your brand, so it’s by and large a remember of sealing the deal.

Expand your reach with Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are segments of folks that proportion similar characteristics along with your present audiences. Lookalike Audiences are a top notch advert focused on option to increase your reach to new ability clients. Because they share commonalities with your Core and Custom Audiences, you have already got an idea of what is going to work and what gained’t paintings—so it’s clearly a rely of repurposing and optimizing as wished.

Use your present advert creative

It’s normally endorsed to apply your present advertisements on your Lookalike Audience campaigns. This is a remarkable starting point because it’s low effort, because you have already got the creative in addition to the insights to expose you which of them creative and concentrated on mixtures paintings pleasant.

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Start via using your high-quality advertisements

While all of your Facebook ads can be potential contenders for Lookalike Audience campaigns, you may need first of all your pinnacle-performing commercials and audiences. Focusing on these regions will give you short wins (or insights) to help build and refine your Facebook advert targeting strategy.

Analyze performance

Analyzing the performance of your advertising and marketing need to continually be a priority. Not handiest does this help optimize ad spend, however it may also train you things about your customers and products that you can apply to other areas of the enterprise.

Check common revenue according to conversion

Facebook recommends analyzing your advert overall performance and particularly taking a study average revenue in line with conversion and the lifetime price of every audience. When you’ve got excessive-price audiences, you’ll in all likelihood want to attention on growing Lookalike Audiences based on them. Plus, you can drill down deeper into your focused on options in addition to create greater campaigns for these segments.

Optimize your bids for every target audience

Over time, you’ll learn a lot about your audiences and feature a higher knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. As with any virtual advertising initiative, you want to analyze your outcomes and tweak commercials for higher overall performance. You can try this manually or let Facebook do it for you. You can use a aggregate of Facebook advert focused on alternatives cited above to get first-rate specific and create small but very centered audiences.

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Use a aggregate of Facebook advert focused on alternatives

While you might be willing to pursue one targeting route, you’ll discover the maximum achievement with a layered concentrated on method. In different words, a mixture of focused on alternatives will yield the most distinct and powerful audiences. For example, as opposed to just specializing in humans positioned in New York City, you may target people in New York City who earn a certain profits and also have an interest in tour. Each targeting method has a time and vicinity, relying to your desires.

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