Prince Harry in Legal Fight to Pay For UK Police Protection

Prince Harry in Legal Fight to Pay For UK Police Protection

17 January 2022

The U.K. government has removed police protection from Prince Harry after he filed a judicial review, a claim the prince filed against the ruling. The Duke of Sussex’s legal representative says the decision-making process by the Home Office is “unreasonable, opaque and inconsistent.” He also says the decision does not take into account the “undiminished threats” he has received and the effect on the British reputation.

The government voted to deny police protection to Prince Harry and his family after they moved to America in 2020, despite the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been paying for their own private security. However, this private security team is unable to duplicate the protection that the British police provide to the royal family. The royal couple has filed a judicial review in an effort to overturn the ruling.

The UK government has not yet commented on the case. A spokesperson for the government said that they cannot comment on the case since details could compromise an individual’s security. The legal representative also stressed that the duke first offered to pay for his own police protection during his stay in the U.K. in January 2020. The government has not responded to the request. The royal family is currently living in California.

The government has not commented on the situation, which is being taken very seriously by the couple. The prince wants to bring his children to his home country in the future, but he cannot do this unless he can afford to pay for the police protection he needs. Because of this, he’s pursuing legal action to get the police protection he deserves. The royal couple has not returned to the United Kingdom since their split last year, and they are not expecting a baby before the summer of 2021.

The royal couple was reportedly adamant that they wouldn’t be willing to pay for police protection in the U.K., after stepping out of the royal family. After leaving the royal family, they decided to hire their own security team in the US. But this arrangement is illegal in the UK because a private security team cannot provide the same level of protection as a U.K. police protection.

The royal couple is considering the issue of police protection in the U.K., which they are required to have when they visit the Queen’s residence in London. The Queen has urged the royals to have police protection, which they do. This means they can’t have any sort of security while the royals are in the UK. But the palace won’t allow the prince to pay for his security because of the cost of hiring a security team.

The duke wants to pay for police protection himself, but he can’t do so unless he gets approval from the U.K. home office. Moreover, a private security team cannot replicate police protection, and therefore, the duke will have to pay for the security himself. This is not possible because of the duchess’ private security team. He will have to pay for the expense himself.

As the Duke of Edinburgh, Harry’s legal team is fighting the decision to refuse him police protection. He was asked to step down as a senior royal in January 2020 but refused. His legal team still insists on paying the cost of police protection. Nevertheless, he is still willing to cover the costs of his security. He is not willing to pay the cost of security for the royal couple, as he would like to maintain the dignity and respect of the British royal family.

The UK government denied Harry’s request to pay for his police protection, saying that his private security team lacked the authority to access UK police intelligence. The royal couple filed a judicial review in September, but it is still uncertain whether they will win. If they win, the government may end up paying for his protection, but the royal family might have to pay for it themselves.

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