North Korea Conducts Fourth Missile Test This Month

North Korea Conducts Fourth Missile Test This Month

17 January 2022

The United States and North Korea are both blaming each other for the recent increase in tensions over the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on the country in response to the fourth missile test that the North carried out on January 5. The tests were conducted with short-range ballistic missiles and “hypersonic” glide vehicles launched from Jagang province, near the Chinese border.

On Thursday, the State Department ordered sanctions against one North Korean and a Russian man and company for their role in developing missiles and launching them. The Biden administration also announced that it would pursue further U.N. sanctions against the regime. On Friday, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic rockets from a train. The latest test was in apparent retaliation for the latest U.S. and UN sanctions. The Foreign Ministry of Pyongyang criticized the President and vowed to retaliate with even stronger measures.

The United States and Japan have both been putting pressure on North Korea to stop its tests. The US administration has imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, including blacklisting its officials. The US has also repeatedly called for a reduction in tension and the dismantlement of North Korean weapons. While the United States has been pressuring Pyongyang for years to reduce tensions, it appears that the country’s new tactics are actually encouraging them to continue their dangerous weapons program.

The repeated missile tests by North Korea have caused grave concern among the international community. Although the U.S. has passed several resolutions on its nuclear program, it continues to develop missiles despite the sanctions. According to Mason Richey, professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, the North’s new launch sites and the pace of testing suggests the country already has enough ballistic missiles and deterrents to pose a threat to global peace.

North Korea conducted a second missile test on Monday, this time launching two “likely” short-range ballistic missiles from its airport area. South Korean and Japanese officials confirmed the test but were quick to point out that the missiles had traveled more than two hundred miles and reached an altitude of 26 miles. This means that the North has a long-range missile that could be used to attack the US.

South Korea has confirmed the third missile test by North Korea, which launched a missile in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The United States has called for the country to comply with the NPT and cooperate fully with the IAEA to ensure that its nuclear facilities are safe. Similarly, the United States and Japan condemned the test as a “red line” for the country. The latest tests were likely to be the last and most powerful of the three this year.

The United States and the UN Security Council condemn the North Korean missile test as a dangerous provocation. The four missiles fired this month are believed to be short-range ballistic missiles, which can reach the United States, Europe, and Asia. The North Korean rockets and the United States have also called on the UN to list the North Koreans. The latest tests, however, have been interpreted as an attempt to counteract the instability in the international system and the stalled negotiations between the two nations.

The latest tests have come amid the threat to the United States’ nuclear forces. The country has already threatened to conduct a fourth test to demonstrate its capability of miniaturizing a nuclear weapon. The United States is increasing pressure on the country to cease the tests and to halt its proliferation of weapons. There is no indication of a deal yet, but both sides are preparing for a major escalation of conflict.

Despite the threats, the United States and South Korea are attempting to isolate North Korea. As a result, the country’s national security council has called for an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis. The government has said that it is pursuing additional U.N. sanctions against the country. Moreover, the latest tests have been followed by a series of other tests that were carried out in January. Currently, North Korea has four long-range missile tests.

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