Putin is Picking a Fight He Can’t Win With Ukraine

Putin is Picking a Fight He Can’t Win With Ukraine

17 January 2022

In his recent pronouncements, President Putin has stepped up his rhetoric about Ukraine to unprecedented heights. His lengthy treatise on the Ukrainian question read like a predicate to an invasion. But Ukraine’s independence has always been sponsored by Russia’s enemies. And as long as Kyiv is independent, Russia’s enemies can use it to their own advantage. The Kremlin is only picking a fight, and it will only backfire.

Despite Putin’s claims about historical unity, many Ukrainians resent Russia. And the brazen seizure of Crimea has polarized many Ukrainians against Russia. At the same time, Ukraine has been developing a strong national identity. Although Russia has the military capability to overwhelm Ukraine, the country’s forces would most likely fight a bloody rearguard action, with heavy Russian casualties. Even if they did, ordinary Russians would not tolerate such a bloody backlash.

The Russian President is picking a fight he cannot win with Ukraine, and it’s not going to end any time soon. While NATO has a stance of openness and cooperation with Russia, the West sees Ukraine as an example of the kind of change that Ukraine can bring to the region. If a settlement is reached, Putin must start talking about wider European security issues. This means having a dialogue with the Ukrainians and discussing NATO.

While Putin talks about historical unity between Ukraine and Russia, many Ukrainians have become bitterly anti-Russian as a result. The proxy war in eastern Ukraine has helped to develop a national identity in the country. Nevertheless, Russia’s military might be enough to overwhelm the Ukrainians, requiring a bloody rear-guard action. This would not be tolerated by ordinary Russians.

If the US is serious about this fight, it will have to be more diplomatic. The Germans are already seeking a meeting with Putin. Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, is hoping to convince Putin that the two countries will exclude Russia from security forums in Europe. And he’ll want to get the Russians to stop this, as the Germans want to show them their independence.

It seems that Russia’s strategy in Ukraine is aimed at dividing Ukraine, and not a democratic one. The Kremlin wants to reclaim the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has done several times. He also wants to take over the occupied territories of Georgia and Moldova. But he is not the only nation with this aim. Its annexation of the two states will cause the European Union to fall apart.

The Ukrainian president’s speech to the press on Wednesday stated that he’d “do anything” to stop the Russian invasion. And the Ukrainian government has no other option but to accept this plan. The US’s military support is a “positive thing” and it will prevent Putin from doing anything wrong. The US should be doing all it can to help Kyiv achieve its goals.

The Kremlin’s strategy will be to destabilize Ukraine. It will most likely backfire. Attempting to force the Ukrainian government into submission will only escalate the crisis. But the Ukraine president has repeatedly denied that he’s prepared to fight. While this approach has been unsuccessful so far, it has given the Russians the chance to do so. If they do, they could easily destabilize the country.

In 2004, the Ukrainian people were choosing a new president, and Putin had a chance to return the country to the Russian orbit. This was the first time the Ukrainians chose a pro-Russian candidate. In 2014, the Kremlin launched a propaganda campaign in support of Yanukovych, but the Russians managed to sabotage the election and prevent the election.

The Russian president sees Ukraine as a land that has intrinsic ties to Russia. He views the Ukrainian territory as a sphere of Russian influence. In essence, this means that Ukraine has a direct threat to Russia. As a result, the Ukrainian government should stop provoking this conflict. If it does, it will only make the Russians feel worse. If this occurs, it could lead to the outbreak of war in Crimea.

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