4 Reasons Why Cars Catch on Fire

4 Reasons Why Cars Catch on Fire

14 November 2022

Everyone wants to light up their car, but not in the literal sense.

 A car suddenly catching in flames can be alarming and possibly lethal if you know nothing about proper precautions.

Therefore, you must acquire the knowledge to deal with situations requiring immediate action. Any signs of steam or smoke emitting from the vehicle are definitely something you should not ignore. You must immediately park and get as far as possible from the car in case the vehicle detonates.If you’re not a fan of getting blown into pieces, you might want to check your car regularly to avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

 You don’t want to burn into a crisp on your way to your grandma’s house.Hopefully, by knowing why your car might burst into flames, you will be able to prevent such a disaster from occurring.

 Remember that you can sell a car in UAE if it is in good condition and you can do it without much hassle or annoyance.

 1.  Poor Maintenance

 Unfortunately, the most common reason that lights cars on fire are neglecting car maintenance. A regular checkup to see if everything is functioning correctly is crucial to ensure a safe ride wherever you go.

 Abandoning car maintenance plays a huge role in car fires. Any car part that has gone too long without replacement will eventually break down, thus leading to a possible ignition inside the vehicle.

 You should constantly check for frayed wires, worn-out components, and leaks.

 Additionally, occasionally examining the tire pressure, engine oil, and antifreeze is vital to prevent a tire from blowing up or the engine from overheating.

 So make sure to regularly take care of your car before it takes care of you.

 If your car is too old for maintenance, we cash any car regardless of its make, model, or condition.

 2.  Electrical Errors

 With electrical errors taking the second spot on the list, it poses a severe threat to any vehicle, whether it’s gasoline, hybrid, or an all-electric car.

 While these errors are caused mainly by battery issues, what contributes to the ignition are frayed and loose wires or even the battery itself when generating a spark.

 Cars possess a massive amount of wiring everywhere, even in the doors, seats, radio, and dashboard, so that a frayed wire can happen anywhere.

 Therefore, a proper maintenance check by a licensed mechanic can save your car from going up in flames.

 3.  Overheating Engine

 Many causes could lead to the engine overheating.

 While an overheating engine isn’t exactly dangerous and won’t light up on its own, the fluids surrounding the motor might start to leak and make contact with scorching surfaces, thus leading to a potential ignition.

 Another cause that could lead to an overheating engine is a faulty component in the cooling system.

 Anything varying from a defective radiator fan, clogged coolant hose, low amount of coolant, or a leak in the cooling system carries the risk of igniting the engine.

 Luckily, regularly refilling your coolant and ensuring the cooling system is functioning properly can prevent the engine from overheating and causing further problems later on.

 4.  Car Accidents

 While it’s somewhat a no-brainer, we aren’t talking about the collision itself. Cars are carefully manufactured to withstand impacts but are still susceptible to fluid leakage. And everyone knows that flammable liquids and high temperatures are a terrible combo.

 If you crash your car against an obstacle, but your car seems fine, there could be some underlying issues caused by the crash.

 Parking your car and checking for leaks can save you and your vehicle from being reduced to ashes.

 You should immediately back away from the car if you notice any leaks. If you have any belongings that remain inside, don’t try to be a hero and head back for them.

 While your stuff is replaceable, your life certainly isn’t.


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