14 Tips On Writing A Research Paper

14 Tips On Writing A Research Paper

28 October 2022

Writing a research paper requires proper planning and strategic thinking. A research paper is an academic endeavour to demonstrate your research and writing skills. Writing a research paper is difficult if you do not know how to write one. Many students feel daunted by the task of writing a research paper. But if you follow the proper steps, you can write a research paper easily. This article will give you some tips on writing a research paper.

What are the 14 tips for writing a research paper?

  1. Select the Right Topic

The first step in writing a research paper is to select the right topic. The right topic means a topic that is researchable and matches your interests. The topic for a research paper must be unique and similar to your interests. If you are passionate about something, it will be easier to read extensively on the subject matter. You will read to satisfy your curiosity and develop ideas more effectively. The topic must be unique as well. A unique topic adds value to the literature, and it’s a trending topic.

  1. How to select a unique topic?

The second tip is to take some steps for selecting a unique topic for your research paper. The first thing to do is read some preliminary literature on the topic. A preliminary reading of the literature helps you identify gaps in the chosen area of interest. It also helps you brainstorm ideas for choosing a unique topic. After reading the preliminary literature on the topic, do some brainstorming.

Brainstorming requires using map trees and concept diagrams to put your thoughts on paper. Let your thoughts flow freely, and do not shun any idea that comes to your mind. Brainstorming will help you narrow down the scope of your topic. You can choose the two or three primary aspects of a topic that you think are important to investigate to fill the gap in the literature. Brainstorming will also help you devise the research problem and research questions. You can also hire dissertation writers UK if you have no time for brainstorming.

  1. Build a Strong and Coherent Research Problem

A research problem is a pillar of writing a research paper. The entire research paper revolves around the research problem. The research problem is an arguable claim that can be substantiated by evidence. It is important to remember that a research problem is not an opinion. The research problem sets the tone of the entire dissertation. It anchors your research on solid footing and defines your stance on the topic. It is important to build a strong and coherent research problem. A strong research problem helps you investigate the issue deeply. On the other hand, a weak research problem is vague, and it does not generate any insights into the chosen topic.

  1. Formulate Specific Research Questions

Writing a research paper requires the formation of straightforward research questions. Research questions must be specific and precise. Do not formulate generalized research questions since they lead to vague answers. You will review primary and secondary data to answer your research questions in the entire dissertation. The research questions must address the basic concepts outlined in the topic and research problem.

  1. Make an Outline

Making an outline is important for writing a research paper. An outline serves as a blueprint for the entire dissertation. It helps you stay focused and coherently structure everything. Make an outline by distributing the ideas in different sections. The division of major ideas into different sections helps you structure your paragraphs.

  1. Write the Introduction

It is time to start writing your dissertation after planning and making the outline. You can refine the introduction even after completing the dissertation. But at the initial stage, provide some background information and the context of your research. The introduction must be catchy and should have attention grabbers. Attention grabbers can be any statistics or critical information about your subject area. You will have to state the research problem clearly in your introduction. The introduction section also requires clearly stating the research questions.

  1. Write the Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aims and objectives of the study indicate to the reader the focus of the study. It explains to the reader what you seek to achieve from the research. You will have to explain the aims and objectives of the research paper clearly.

  1. Significance of Research

The significance of the research is important when you are writing a research paper. The readers want to know what the significance of your research is. How will your research add value to the literature?

  1. Write the Literature Review

A literature review is the most important part of writing a research paper. A literature review is a systematic overview of the relevant literature. It is not a summary of the studies. Instead, the researcher identifies gaps in the available literature. Gap identification justifies the need for your research, and you will have to explain how your research will fill the existing gap in the literature.

  1. Start collecting the data

Data collection starts after you review the literature and identify the gaps in the literature. It is important to start collecting data as soon as possible for your research. You can collect data through survey questionnaires, interviews, or focus group discussions.

  1. Write the Research Methodology Section

The research methodology section explains the chosen methods for conducting the research. You will have to inform the readers about the tools you will use to collect and analyse the data. You will also have to justify the significance of chosen research methods. If you cannot do so, hiring a dissertation proposal writing service will be very helpful.

  1. Write the Results

When writing a research paper, you will have to present the results gathered from data collection. The results section requires presenting the information and facts collected through data collection tools. It is important to remember that the results section does not require analysis. You will only have to provide the results in a presentable manner.

  1. Discuss and Analyse

The discussion and analysis part involves critically examining the data in light of research questions and research problems. You will have to discuss whether you successfully answered the research questions. Furthermore, you will have to compare your findings with other studies and do a critical analysis.

  1. Write the conclusion

In writing a research paper, the conclusion section requires a reiteration of the research problem. You will have to highlight the key findings of your research and discuss their implications. You can also discuss the limitations of your study. Also, you will provide recommendations for future research and a call for action.


Writing a research paper is a systematic process. It requires strategic planning and coherent thinking. You must develop the ideas in a structured manner and maintain the flow of ideas. You can follow the above-mentioned tips for writing a research paper.

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