A Glimpse of the Adventurous Land of Tahiti

A Glimpse of the Adventurous Land of Tahiti

24 October 2022

One of the finest ways to enjoy a Tahitian holiday is to relax at your preferred resort while sipping a tropical cocktail. But for this, you have to buy a Tahiti tours packages for sure. La Plage de Maui or Papenoo Beach also offers swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and other activities.

Soak a ferry to Moorea or see the Vaipahi Gardens and take in the breathtaking natural scenery. You can walk to the roaring Fautaua Waterfall or go shopping in the pulsating capital city of Papeete if you’re in the mood for a different kind of adventure.

La Plage de Maui:

La Plage de Maui’s pearly white sand stands out among the island’s beaches, which often have a volcanic black tinge, and is the main reason so many Tahitian tourists choose to visit this section of the coastline by buying Tahiti tour packages.

Located on Tahiti’s southern coast, the lagoon’s bright, warm waters are another draw. Visitors claim the lagoon is shallow and peaceful, and the water is astonishingly clear. The beach’s snack bar, meanwhile, is incredibly well-liked by tourists and serves up fresh fish. Also, these facilities can also be enjoyed if you buy Tahiti travel packages

Greetings from Moorea, a wonderful island in French Polynesia! Moorea has had a meteoric rise in popularity and is now one of the most frequented islands by tourists traveling this way. It is only a simple thirty-minute ferry voyage from Tahiti. Even though Moorea is sometimes referred to as “Tahiti’s little sister,” there are plenty of things to do there.

You will feel pleasure with pretty much all Moorea has to offer after spending a whole week exploring this piece of paradise. There is undoubtedly something for everyone on Moorea vacations, which is renowned for its captivating and rugged environment, immaculate white sand beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, abundant marine species, breathtaking sunsets, and hospitable Polynesian culture. 

Papenoo Beach:

A relic of the island’s volcanic past can be found on the coasts of Papenoo, a little town a little more than 5 miles east of Papeete. Due to its proximity to a road, Punaauai Beach is also known as PK18 Beach and has ebony sands that extend into the South Pacific’s crystal-clear seas.

The best part about this beach is that it doesn’t attract nearly as many visitors and can be visited by purchasing Tahiti tour packages. Despite this, you will have to contend with the island’s surfing community for waves.

Although there aren’t many services on the beach itself, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate something to eat in town. From Papeete, it is simple to take a cab or a car to get to Papenoo, which is on Tahiti’s northern shore. You are not charged to come here at any time during the day, but you’ll need to coordinate your return with your taxi driver.


The capital of Tahiti as well as all of French Polynesia is Papeete. There are possibilities to shop, eat, and enjoy the nightlife within its confines, which encircle the northwest shore of the island. Black pearls and island crafts are the main things to search for when buying.

Papeete’s Municipal Market is another worthwhile visit, and recent tourists praised how much fun it is to peruse the neighborhood market. Travelers laud the market for its abundance of fresh produce and fruits, meat and seafood, flowers, and artistic objects like hats and gifts.

Travelers might check out the roulottes or food trucks in Place Vaiete along the seaside to sample some of the local cuisines in Papeete. Speaking of food, the city has a strong presence in Chinese, French, and Italian cuisines. However, bear in mind that dining out in Papeete is generally pricey, so set aside some money for that. You can use a bus or a car to go to Papeete, which is near the Faa’a International Airport on Tahiti’s northwest coast. And if you had bought Tahiti tour packages already, you will not have to worry about this at all.

Moana Lagoon Snorkeling & Lunch Tour:

You may get up close and personal with black tip sharks, sting rays, and a tonne of fish at the first stop, which is a snorkeling location. Although it was initially a little unsettling to be surrounded by so many sharks, sharks are generally calm and aren’t thought to be dangerous. You can even lightly touch the sting rays to feel their smooth skin as they gracefully pass you. They are really lovely.

ATV Tour Through The Island:

There is no better way to experience Moorea’s diverse vistas, rich green terrain, and pineapple plantations than on an ATV tour. You simply cannot leave Moorea without doing so. The majority of Moorea’s pathways are extremely narrow and only accessible by ATV, making traveling through them an adventure in and of itself.

As well as driving through the island’s pineapple fields and prominent overlooks like Belvedere Lookout and Magic Mountain, this tour also includes stops for a local jam tasting and fresh pineapple juice at the end.

ATV trips are very common throughout French Polynesia, but Moorea is unquestionably one of the greatest locations to take one! This excursion is offered by a tonne of different businesses, but maybe you used Albert Tours and had a terrific experience! The tour guide was very personable, well-informed, and always willing to assist with photo opportunities. 


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