After Pandemic Guidelines to Be Followed By UAE Visitors

After Pandemic Guidelines to Be Followed By UAE Visitors

22 October 2022

COVID-19 presented many hurdles across the globe. The travel and tourism industry suffered much due to this. Now everything is opening and people are travelling once again. However, there is still some rules and regulations present which need to be followed. This is true for those wanting to visit the United Arab Emirates or UAE as well, 30 Days Dubai Visa. It is important to know about latest quarantine rules in UAE if you are planning to travel here.

Key Points:

  • Visitors to the UAE need to know about the post pandemic guidelines
  • It is necessary for some travelers to present a vaccination certificate
  • The vaccination certificate should be from the relevant place or it will not be accepted

Post-Covid Rules in UAE for visitors

Dubai is now welcoming visitors. However there are some procedures that you need to follow if you want to remain safe. Passengers who are going to Abu Dhabi do not have to quarantine. The individuals who undergo the RT-PCR rest in Dubai (random) as well as Sharjah (mandatory) should quarantine themselves till they get a negative result. When the test result comes positive, they need to remain in isolation for the amount of days as prescribed by the emirate that they are in. Those who violate home quarantine will have to pay a fine.

To board any flight to the UAE, it is necessary to meet the requirements for the country you are travelling through and even transiting through. This is your departure country, transit country, as well as the final destination.  Some regulations may be present connected to your recent travel history.

What to do before travelling to Dubai

Before you book the flight, first see if you need a visa to the UAE. You can check this on for instance. Depending upon your nationality, it is possible to get a visa on arrival. You may even apply for a prearranged visit visa from Dubai immigration prior to travelling.

Requirements for passengers coming into Dubai

The passengers travelling to Dubai from any country, including the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC countries, should fulfill one of the following requirements according to Dubai quarantine rules:

  • Give a valid vaccination certificate showing that the passenger has all vaccinations with a vaccine that is approved by the WHO or the UAE. It should have a QR code with it.
  • Provide a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate that has been given to you within 48 hours. This must be from the time that sample collection has occurred to the time that one is boarding the place. The certificate should be given by an approved health service provider and have a QR code.
  • Give a valid medical certificate provided by the relevant authorities stating that the passenger has successfully recovered from COVID-19 within a month. This should be from the date of recovery till the date of arrival.

It is important that any printed and digital PCR test certificates and vaccination certificates be in English or Arabic. They should have a QR code. Any SMS certificates will not be accepted. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate that does not have a QR code shall not get accepted for those travelling to Dubai. This is as long as the particular vaccination certificate has been issued by test centers or organizations that are recognized or approved by the national health authorities of the particular country.

The COVID-19 PCR test and vaccination certificates that are in some other language may be acceptable when they are able to be validated at the departure point, 14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa. The PCR test should be based upon a molecular diagnostic test that is made for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid for SARS-COV-2 viral RNA. The rapid antigen, antibody and any type of rapid lateral flow test as well as home test kits are not applicable. If you have the NHS-COVID-19 test certificates that one gets to travel from the UK to Dubai, these are not acceptable.

Any transit passenger should keep in mind the rules as well as conditions that are for entry at their final destination. These are the ones that will apply to them.

COVID-19 PCR test vaccination exemptions

According to Dubai quarantine rules today, UAE nationals coming from any country to Dubai will not have to present the PCR certificate or any other vaccination one. The exemption like this is also for passengers who have a first degree relation of some UAE national travelling upon the same flight. Any domestic workers who are travelling with the UAE national sponsor will also have this exemption.

Kids who are under the age of 16 are also exempted. The passengers who have moderate to severe disabilities also do not need to present a vaccination certificate.

You should have medical travel insurance that has international coverage which covers COVID-19 prior to travelling.

Is it safe to travel to the UAE?

When considering Dubai isolation rules, you may be wondering if it is even safe to travel to the UAE. In fact Dubai is said to be one of the safest destinations to go to. The UAE is on the list of top areas when it comes to Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking (January 2022).

The country is safe as the Ministry of Health and Prevention or MoHAP along with other relevant authorities, keep on prioritizing, monitoring, and even assuring the safety as well as well-being of visitors going to Dubai. Dubai Tourism works with the WHO to make sure that there are high standards of public hygiene present. This is so that residents and visitors can remain safe, 60 Days Abu Dhabi Tourist Visa.

It is vital to know about Dubai quarantine rules for tourists and COVID-19 rules before travelling here. The country takes its rules as very serious and penalizes those who disobey them. This is why it is better to be prepared before you wish to travel to the UAE. You should check out what are the guidelines that you need to follow and have all the documents with you. This is if you do not wish to face any complications. The UAE is indeed a wonderful place to go to with its malls, Deserts, beaches, luxurious living, etc. However, if you want to enjoy yourself you need to follow the rules of this area.

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