3 Reasons You Should Consider a Nursing Home in Dublin

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Nursing Home in Dublin

22 October 2022

As we get older, our health often declines. Unfortunately, this means that there may come a time when we need help with some of the activities of daily living. If you are considering moving into a nursing home in Dublin to receive care around the clock and benefit from specialized medical services, consider these three reasons first:

  1. Location

It’s important to live near family members, but nursing homes are typically located in areas where there are lots of activities for seniors.

The location of a nursing home can be an important consideration for the patient. Living near family members is ideal because it gives them easy access to visit you and spend time with you, but it’s not essential. It’s more important that your nursing home is conveniently located so that you can maintain your independence as much as possible (for example, by taking public transportation), maintain connections with community organizations (such as churches or synagogues) and enjoy the convenience of being close to shopping centers and other businesses.

  1. Facilities

The nursing home should have the facilities you need. Are there people who can help with administering medication? Is there a physical therapist on staff? Does it have an exercise facility or access to one nearby? Will your loved one be able to use a wheelchair indoors and outdoors, if necessary? If you’re interested in its location, does the community offer ample services within walking distance of the residence and beyond?

Also consider what type of care is being offered at this particular nursing home: is it primarily long-term care or short-term rehabilitation care? If it’s geared toward short-term rehab, then you may want to find out if they have an excellent relationship with local hospitals and specialists so that they can refer patients when needed. Longer term facilities often offer more comprehensive services because they know residents will be staying there for some time.

  1. Price

Many people think that nursing homes are too expensive, and they associate the cost with quality of care. However, this is not always true. For example, a nursing home in Dublin may be cheaper than a nursing home in another city or country. The cost of living in Dublin is lower than many other cities around the world; therefore, it makes sense that a nursing home would also be cheaper there.

If you’re worried about how much it will cost to put your loved one into a retirement community, check out our list below:

  • Nursing Homes Outside Dublin
  • Nursing Homes Inside Dublin

You should consider a nursing home in Dublin for its location, facilities, and price

Dublin is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Europe, and so it’s no surprise that there are many great nursing homes located there. Dublin offers a wide range of facilities for you to choose from, including many affordable options. It’s also worth noting that Dublin has a very low crime rate compared to other European cities. As such, the city’s residents can enjoy high-quality healthcare without having to worry about personal safety issues.


We hope that this article has helped you to make an informed decision about nursing homes in Dublin. If you would like to know more about the city, its facilities and prices, please contact us at our office.

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