Top 5 Indian bowlers with most wickets against Australia

Top 5 Indian bowlers with most wickets against Australia

21 October 2022

India and Australia will play the first game of their much-anticipated Test series on December 17 in Adelaide, which is the capital city of South Australia. Fans are looking forward to seeing more than just this match. Fans are expecting high-speed action in all four games, starting with the first Test in England, which will be played during the day and night.

India and Australia have always been very tough on each other when it comes to competition and one can see this by Ind vs Aus highlight. Legendary players from both teams have impressed fans with their skills at the plate and behind the bowling machine throughout the competition’s history.

  • Zaheer Khan -61

Zaheer Khan, a famous Indian bowler, was at his best when he played against Australian players. The left-handed bowler has challenged the Australians with his great in-swing and out-swings, as well as his impressive reverse swing.

Zaheer played in 19 Test matches against Australia between 2001 and 2012. During those games, he took 61 wickets, the best of which was an 8-wicket effort that led to 137 runs. The five wickets that the Mumbaikar has taken against Australia have happened in three different games.

During the game against Australia, Zaheer threw a total of 3857 balls and had an economy rate of 3.37. He let 2 171 runs score. In 92 games, he has been sent off 312 times, which is a lot.

  • Ravichandran Ashwin- 77

Ravichandran Ashwin, an off-spin bowler for India, has seen a significant amount of development in his career throughout the last few years. It took Ashwin less time than anybody else to get 100 Test wickets, making him the first Indian player ever to do so. He accomplished this feat in 18 games. Additionally, he is tied with the famous Muttiah Muralitharan for having taken 250 wickets in the longest form of the game in the lowest length of time. This accomplishment puts him in a tie for first place.

Because Ashwin had previously accomplished a tremendous deal of greatness, his outstanding performance against the Australians should not have come as much of a shock to anybody. The native of Chennai participated in 15 test matches for India’s national team against Australia. He finished those matches with 77 wickets to his name, with a career-high score of 12/198.

In the form of the game that lasts the longest, Ashwin has had one game in which he took 10 wickets against Australia and five games in which he took a five-for against them. Ashwin has participated in 71 Test matches, and throughout those matches, he has delivered 365 bowling deliveries.

  • Kapil Dev- 79

The most talented player for India was Kapil Dev. He was a cricketing prodigy and is regarded as one of India’s all-time greatest players. In addition to this, individuals his age believed that he was among the finest of the best in everything. The Indian legend was a lethal seam bowler who was responsible for causing a significant number of batting sets to be broken up.

Even when placed in comparison to Australia, Kapil’s accomplishments are rather remarkable. The city of Chandigarh is where the cricket player was born. He participated in 20 Test matches versus Australians and finished with an average score of 25.35 wickets taken. He got 79 wickets. The total number of runs scored against him was 203, and he bowled for a total of 474.6 overs.

The game in which Kapil got eight wickets and allowed just 109 runs to get past him is considered to be his finest performance to date. During his career, he competed against Australians on seven separate occasions. Five wickets were taken by him in every one of the games.

Kapil participated in a total of 131 Tests and finished his career with 434 wickets, placing him in the second position among all Indian bowlers.

  • Harbhajan Singh- 95

India’s Harbhajan Singh is a veteran off-spinner who plays for the team. At this stage in his career, there isn’t much purpose in giving a lengthy introduction to him. Since the beginning of time, anybody can remember, it has been common knowledge that the Turbanator can change the course of the game all by itself. This capability has been around since the beginning of time that anyone can remember.

Even though Harbhajan was successful in his matches against all of the teams, he was at his absolute peak when he was competing against his most favored adversary. The off-break bowler’s best performance against the Baggy Greens saw him take 95 wickets throughout 18 matches, while the Baggy Greens scored a total of 15/217.

Bhajji has faced off against the Australians in the longest form of the game, during which he has bowled 5806 balls and collected three ten-wicket hauls in addition to seven five-fors.

Harbhajan Singh has amassed a total of 417 wickets during his career in one-day international play. He currently has quite an outstanding number of achievements on his resume thanks to the fact that he participated in 103 different examinations.

  • Anil Kumble -111

The Indian bowler Anil Kumble, who has been instrumental in India’s success in many games, is now the bowler who has taken the most wickets against Australia. Throughout the whole of the tournament, the leg spinner maintained a high degree of elegance, which caused one of the other participants to become perplexed.

Kumble played in a total of twenty test matches against Australian opposition between the years 1996 and 2008. During that period, he had a top score of 13/181 and an average of 30.32 wickets to take against them. During that time, he got 111 wickets.

In the red-ball edition of the game, which was played against Australia, Kumble finished with two hauls of 10 wickets and ten hauls of five wickets. In addition to that, he tossed 6516 balls and allowed 3366 runs to be scored.

Taking everything into consideration, Kumble is still tied for the third position on the record of wickets taken in a test match, which is the highest level of cricket played. This guy from Bangalore has taken 619 wickets in the version of the game that lasts the longest. He has taken the third most wickets in the history of cricket, trailing behind only Muralitharan (800) and Shane Warne (600).

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