5 Winning Marketing Strategies To Promote your Gojek Clone App

5 Winning Marketing Strategies To Promote your Gojek Clone App

21 October 2022

According to Statista.com, Android users have the choice to choose between 3.5 million apps on the Google Play Store. Whereas, iOS users have roughly 2.2 million apps to choose from. This statistic shows the number of apps on leading App Stores as of Quarter 2 of 2022. Now, think about how you will make your Gojek Clone App stand out from others! 


Source: Statista.com 

If you think that it is easy to increase the visibility of your app on these Stores and simply get more downloads and installs, think again! You need something more to push brand awareness and attract customers. 

Don’t worry because this blog talks about the top 5 Marketing Strategies that will help you to promote your Gojek Clone app. 

Top 5 Inventive Marketing Strategies for App Promotion 

Mobile app marketing is difficult as it sounds unless you have some cutting-edge technology or a genius idea to go viral. Although going viral with a video teaser or something else is the quickest way to grab the attention of your potential customers, you cannot rely on just that. 

Therefore, we have compiled the 5 best marketing strategies you can use to promote your  Gojek Clone App! 

Leverage your Website 

One of the best parts about getting a Gojek Clone Script is that you can launch a Website without any trouble. Yes! With this script package your purchase, you will get a pre-written code for the Website as well. 

KingX App

A Website is the greatest way to have an online presence for your app. With this website, you can convey or promote your services as the ‘real deal’ to customers. 


Source: Spotify

Feature your app across the Website. Don’t just try to add the icon in the footer! Add Download the App buttons on the Website so that site visitors can directly go to the App Stores, download, and install the app (see the above image). 


The KIOSK Apps are designed to run on tablets or panels in fullscreen. These apps are great if you want to introduce your services to customers. 


Say, you have great taxi booking services. Now, you can place your KIOSK panels at the reception of a hotel. From here, customers visiting the hotel can easily book a taxi ride and travel to any place in the city. 

KIOSK Apps are not only great for increasing your sales but also to urge people to download your Gojek Clone App and book taxi rides from it in the future. 

Launch the App on an Alternative App Store 

Many people use alternative app stores besides Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can leverage this opportunity and launch your Gojek-like app on them. For example, launch it on Huawei App Store. 

Developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., for Android Operating System, this App Store is accessible on Huawei devices like tablets and mobiles! Here are facts about Huawei App Store that will leave you stunned! 

App Gallery

  • Huawei App Gallery or App Store has about 530 million monthly active users, as of Quarter 1 of 2021. 
  • 2.3 million app developers are registered with this store. 

Huawei App Gallery

Source: Huawei AppGallery 

In simpler words, if you want to attract more customers, Huawei App Store is one of the best App Stores to launch your app like Gojek. 

Word of Mouth 

This Marketing Strategy is still Gold! The more people talk about your app, the more customers you will attract. The question is how to get people ‘bragging about your app’! 

Well, first, give them something to gasp upon – say interactive and unique features. A huge assortment of on-demand services on a single app that they will never find elsewhere. 

The good thing about this app is that it has 82+ on-demand services to offer on top of multiple latest and advanced features. To view the entire list of features available on the Gojek Clone App, check out the Gojek Clone Price page! 

Refer & Earn Rewards 

Although word of mouth will do its job, yet to convince people to ‘use’ the app, offer them Refer and Earn Rewards! 

Refer and Earn Rewards

Here, existing customers will be able to share their Invite Code with friends and family. Now, for every person who registers with the app using the Invite Code and books their first service, the existing customer gets ‘monetary rewards!’

This refer and earn cycle can go on and on! Thus, attracting more customers. 

Final Words: 

On the whole, it is important for you as the Gojek Clone App owner to promote the app, attract new customers, and ultimately increase sales

If you want to become successful easily and quickly, implement all the above-stated Marketing Strategies! However, if you still haven’t launched your on-demand multi-service app yet, get in touch with Gojek App Clone  Sales Team.

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