20 October 2022

You’re likely (hopefully) taking good treatment of your hand by pampering them with luxurious hand creams and cuticle oils so that they look young and nothing not wrinkly or unsightly. Although that’s wonderful but your manicure might be doing more harm to your nail than good for you. Shocking, isn’t it?

We don’t want to say it, but just as certain lipstick colours can add or remove a few years from your face, shades of nail polish are the same for your hands. This is why it’s essential to get rid of the bad shades and fill your nails with colors that will create gorgeous hands. Below are five nail polish shades that have a youthful ambiance to them. They will aid in making your hands appear youthful and stunning.


The classic red


If you believe that red isn’t appropriate once you begin to notice wrinkles appearing around your fingers, you’re not right. Red is the most youthful color and a staple anti-ageing product to include in your collection. Choose orange-based reds as well as authentic tomato reds to give your hands a youthful look and youthful.


You’ll be surprised it’s a nail color that you will never miss with. It’s a fantastic choice and a stylish manicure shade that isn’t dull or boring. It’s chic and elegant and makes your stunning nails the center of the spotlight.


Pink powder


While bright pinks can look somewhat OTT and make you notice the signs of age in your hands. However, light colors such as powder pink, salmon and blush pink could bring a few years off and create a youthful look.


Lime green


What is an ideal color other than green? What color would be better than green to counteract those visible veins of blue that are visible on your hands? Cool-toned pastel shades like mint greens and lime greens are the best option for adding an air of youth on your fingers.


Burnt orange

Applying vibrant and warm nail colors is a guaranteed method you can make sure your hands appear fresher and gorgeous. Deep orange with a hint of brown is one shade that is trendy and cool.

It adds a touch glamour to your appearance. Cut your nails in a short length and apply this trendy color.


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